Quality of Talks Deteriorating?

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  • jookbeard

    the quality and boredom of monotoned speakers week after week is what causes most to fade and drop out, with the exception of some CO/DO's and the odd visiting speaker the quality has always been dreadful in my experience in both delivery and content, an often spoken fallacy is that being a Dub male makes them excellent public speakers, how wrong, I've experienced far better orators in the business world in regards to training courses/seminars and sales presentations.

  • WTWizard

    I downloaded and printed the September 2010 Kingdumb Misery, and their definition of types of parts sounds like the witlesses are totally stupid. I remember when it said "a talk", and meant zero audience participation. "Discussion" meant that there would be a talk, but the audience would be permitted to comment. "Questions and answers" meant that the speaker would ask the questions and the audience would supply the [stock] answers. I never had this reference when I was in the cancer, but I think I could read a Kingdumb Misery outline without one.

    Additionally, the songs are greatly deteriorated. Just when I thought they couldn't get any worse, they do. People have left the cancer solely because they didn't like the songs--too blasphemous, sounding like cult chants, and being impossible to sing without sounding like dying cats in the process. The other songs would at least have something you could remember; the new ones have absolutely nothing.

  • seawolf

    If you read the KM, you get the impression they think congregations are mentally challenged, along with the elders.

    Judging by the logic that's been used on me lately on why we're so close to The Endâ„¢, I can't say my opinion of the congregation and elders is that much different...

  • St George of England
    St George of England
    Am I right in saying that they no longer give negative counsel in the TMS ? If so, how can they learn?

    That is true, though private counsel can be given if needed.

    I sat through a reading last week that was unbelievably poor. A 9 year old could have read it better, in fact a 9 year old in the congregation often does. It was unprepared and embarrassing to listen to. The TMS overseer had nothing but praise for this brother (a pioneer no less). Remember also there is no introduction/conclusion to reading anymore, just get up and read the set 12 verses or so.

    I think it's a case of just getting anyone on the TMS. Most in the congregation have given up on it.


  • moshe
    Apparently my talks are missed by many in the circuit.

    Don't kid yourself, nobody is missed for more than a couple months in the WT Org.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    There have been several "brothers" in the congregations around here crying (yes, you heard me, crying) while giving their talks. It's usually during a talk about the resurrection, the memorial, a talk on loved ones staying in the truth...something emotional. They just break down crying. The congregation starts crying and then clapping to encourage them to continue...

    I could not possibly make this up.

  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley

    Public Talk: Starts on the hour with song + prayer, no more than 5 minutes. The talk should start at around **:05 and end at **:35. Chariman introduces the WT at **:36. Opening WT Song + WT + Closing WT song + prayer = 1hr. All should have shut their big yappers by 1:36 minutes later after the start of the meeting. This rarely happened while I was around, not sure what happens now....

  • sherah

    There is a section in the Sept 2010 KM on giving Service meeting talks. It's broken down in the same way as outlined in Blondie's post. They are truly dumbing down everything.

  • ruruj

    Wasanelder Once said the Public Talk was around 30 minutes. That's right.

    I timed it was 33 minutes, but after 45 minutes the alarm sounded. It was my timer (stupid me ). The strange thing though no one bothered to look.

    When did it change from 45 to 30? I missed that service meeting announcement and hardly noticed the difference until now. I never checked time.

    Around when and where was it actually announced?

  • wasblind

    " There have been several "brothers" in the congregations around here crying "

    Oh really now!!!!

    addin' crock tears to the mix I use to use the same tactic when i was a child tryin' to lie my way out of an ass whoopin'

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