Who is Really Responsible: WT teachings or JW Droids?

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  • cameo-d

    I have come to the conclusion that JWs who are following WT and the teachings of men are doing so because they are somehow incapable of making their own decisions. Is it because they are afraid of being responsible for their own actions and their own decisions in life? Do they see the WT as some sort of safe comfortable womb? Is the WT path a way to blame others and not take personal responsibility for one's action?

    A JW recently went against her better judgement and her own conscience in following the dictates of what her husband told her to do. Of course, after so many years she knows she is supposed to be in total subjection in order to gain Jehovah's approval, according to the Law of WT.

    When I questioned her about going along with something she felt was wrong, she responded that if her husband's decision was wrong and he made her execute the decision, that Jehovah would hold him responsible. Not her. Because, after all, she is guilty of no wrongdoing when she is following the Law of Subjection.

    Is this also the general thought when the leaders and elders misdirect the congregation with WT lies? Is this why zombie JWs accept whatever they are told? Do they feel they will be blameless if they follow bogus teachings because the elders or the publishing company will be held responsible (by Jehovah) and not them?

    If a machine doesn't work, there's always the demons to blame.

    If a horrible tragedy occurs, it's because Satan is working hard and it's the end time. (Usually a dead pan reaction of no compassion or sorrow.)

    Shunning is like a game of "Simon Says."

    Do any of you find that most JWs have difficulty taking personal responsibility for their own actions?

  • Essan

    They are both responsible, but personally, I see the Society as having greater responsibility because they use deception and manipulation of which the Bros and Sister are not consciously aware.

  • wasblind

    I heard that very same statement from a brother, that if he was wrong God would punish the one who led him wrong.

    Maybe so, but i never seen a scripture that stated a church or group would be held responsible for the individual. The

    Bible has always read that we each would be jugde according to our own deeds, so i'm thinking, if you know your being

    led wrong and you choose to do wrong that punishment is on you. Just a thought

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Hi Cameo:

    This may hit the nail on the head:


    "If, after making an honest investigation, you are LESS THAN PLEASED with what you see, do more than just COMPLAIN. A journalist, while commenting on Karl Barth's statement that a church is its members, logically concluded: 'Church members...are responsible for what the church says and does.' So ask yourself: Am I willing to share responsibility for EVERYTHING my church says and does? Can I really be proud of having all its members as spiritual brothers?" [emphasis mine]


  • wasblind

    Thanks for the link CoCo

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Your welcome, wasblind!

    BTW: 9/8/87 is the correct date for the magazine AWAKE! I typed it incorrectly in the original post.


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Then too, Cameo, there are the examples of Jael and Abigail in the OT. JWs are very much into ancient examples and role models.

    Boaz was my hero - a man of decision!


  • I quit!
    I quit!

    "I have come to the conclusion that JWs who are following WT and the teachings of men are doing so because they are somehow incapable of making their own decisions."

    The longer you are in it the harder it becomes to think for yourself. That is why a lot of Dubs have a hard time adjusting to the outside world. Sometimes it is too much for them so they wind up going back.

  • wasblind

    I lifted this from another thread, it's a piece written by the WTS and it reads:

    Watchtower April 1, 1988 pages 30-31

    The Wisest Choice

    Jehovah does not expect us to show blind credulity. He does not want from us the kind of obedience that a trainer gets from a beast with a bridle or a whip. That is why he told David: “Do not make yourselves like a horse or mule without understanding, whose spiritedness is to be curbed even by bridle or halter.” (Psalm 32:9) Rather, Jehovah has endowed us with thinking ability and discernment so that, based on understanding, we can choose to obey him.

    Rank and file need to know that they "will" be held accountable no one else . Wake up!!!!!

    Stop saying that if the WTS lead you wrong, your off the hook , you are not off the hook.

  • wasblind

    I was watching a TV show that showcased women in prison, and one young woman was in jail because her husband told her to go out and find him a victim to rob.

    She did this, following the husbands orders. The husband wound up killing the victim during the robbery.

    Guess what, the woman is pulling time because she choose to follow the wrong advise. She was judged according to her own deeds.

    And that's the way God works.

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