At the tribulation your children may be taken from you like in nazi Germany

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  • jambon1

    It is incredible the amount of scaremongering that JW's carry out.

    This was one that always plagued me when I was still trying to grasp onto my beliefs as a JW.

    Either in WT study or in private discussion, this topic would come up.

    What a horendous outlook of the future. To be in absolute fear that the authorities might take your children away from you. That you might suffer torture. That you may be asked to sign a form like in nazi Germany to renounce your faith otherwise the authorities will torture your children in front of you.

    Terrible, terrible things to have implanted into your mind regarding what may occur in the 'near future'.

    Are Jehovah's Witnesses the most negative, disturbing influence that you could ever expose your mind to.

    Or was I just 'over sensitive'?


  • cult classic
    cult classic

    "Or was I just 'over sensitive'?" ... lol hardly.

    Growing up I was terrified of the future. There was nothing positive to look forward to. Fear of what "would" happen during the GT was a frequent topic in our home and of course around the witnesses.

    We had practise sessions about what to do when we were separated from our parents. We had to remain faithful to Jehovah amidst threats of torture, thirst, starvation, rape, etc. To renounce my faith would mean destruction at Jehovah's hand.

    What a way to grow up

  • broops100

    I agree with you Cult Classic. AT 17 my mind was very vulnerable & very child like so everything they told me I believed & totally sucked in with fear. I feared being imprisioned. I even thought at some point I could face the death penalty because of my faith. (I think I felt in the back of my mind that I would relinquish my faith so as to regain my freedom, knowing I would say a few hell marys & reurn tale between my legs hoping Jehovah would forgive me...)

    Not the best way to live finishing your teen years & walking into your young adult life...

    20 years later, both me, hubby (43 years a JW) & kids escaped October 2009....

    Nothing Tastes as Good As Freedom....

  • sir82

    I remember being terrified of this when I was a kid. That was also during the run-up to 1975, so if you think such fear-mongering is bad now....

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Yep broops. We just knew we'd land in prison once the gt broke out. I envisioned myself running from worldly people a lot. I remember asking my mother if during the great tribulation Jehovah would make a way for us to get some sleep. She said "of course, you have to sleep."

    One day we were toy shopping and my mother grabbed me around the shoulders to demonstrate how I could be taken from them at any moment. My father told me I'd be ok as long as I prayed to Jehovah to send his angels to help me.

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    I agree with cult classic: no, you weren't too sensitive!

    broops100 - congrats on your escape!! We escaped as well after a similar amount of time as victims of brainwashing. We were both born in so the indoctrination started early - and fear of the great tribulatin was a very real raw emotion for us. As a kid, I spent hours planning on how I would deal with the great tribulation. Quite sad when you reflect - but then you realize you are free and no longer need to worry about such utter nonsense! YIPPEE! Enjoy your freedom!


    the Oracle

  • QuestioningEverything

    I remember hearing this many times. It was horrifying. As a parent, I worried about how I would protect my kids if that happened. It's no different than how other religion's teach hellfire to their parishoner's. It's all about teaching fear to get people to submit.

    I am so HAPPY that I no longer fear this and don't fret each time the news comes on. The 'truth' really does set you free!!

  • jambon1

    The reason I mentioned it was because I was told that I was too sensitive by many JW's when discussing stuff like this that worried me.

    I was also told that I 'think too much'.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    jambon1 - I've heard that before. In addition to being too sensitive and thinking too much, I've been told "You read too much". Witnesses will accuse you of that if you express a non JW/WT thought, or if you questions anything.

  • WTWizard

    They do that on purpose. That is to make the witlesses waste their time in field circus, because that is supposed to be what strengthens them when they are supposedly being dragged into prison, beaten, urinated on, and the like. When confronted with that, they are more likely to want to spend more time studying and preaching now while it is still relatively "free". Unlike the death threats, this is used more to make the witlesses not want to waste an opportunity to preach, not so they will stay in line (the death threats do that).

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