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    I also became a JW in the early 80's and was part of that machine for ten long years. I left in 1992, but my ex-wife and three kids were still attending. My two daughters have since ceased attending mettings but my son has become an elder (strange how things work out). It was very hard the first few years, but it is the best decision I have ever made.

    I also gave the elders a hard time by giving them questions they had no answer to. You will probably be told company lines like "Just get back to the meetings" and "do not run ahead of Jehovah". Let us know what happens.


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    The WTBS is poster-child for schizophrenic religious dogma.

    As Wikipedia describes the disorder: "It most commonly manifests as auditory hallucinations, paranoid or bizarre delusions, or disorganized speech and thinking with significant social or occupational dysfunction."

    Yep. That's them.

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    One fallacy: Using yourself as your own authority. The Bible itself uses it: What gives the Bible its authority, the Bible? And, if the Washtowel does the same thing, they are doing it even worse. Not only are they claiming that the Bible is accurate because the Bible says so, but they are claiming that what they are saying is the truth about it because they say so.

    Which means that, to prove the religion wrong, either of the Bible is not the truth or they are out of line with what the Bible actually says needs be true. And it only takes one bad link to ruin the religion's truthfulness. Hence, even atheists and Devil worshipers can use the Bible to prove the witlesses wrong--all it takes is one major discrepancy between what they teach and what the Bible teaches that does not get fixed when brought to the leaders' attention to make it a bad religion.

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    Further to what you say about blood....A year or two back I attended a special meeting at the wife's Kingdom Hall. The Area HLC had a regional meeting that Saturday and they gave a talk to the cong. in the evening...The big cheese from London Bethel described the current beliefs and the chart with "Blood" and the "Four Main Components" above the line.

    Solemnly and with gravitas he pointed to the line and stated emphatically that "The Governing Body have decided that this marks the limit of what may be accepted on your conscience and anything above the line is unacceptable"

    So that is it, the doctrine is decided by men, who make decisions for the flock - no scripture involved, just men...........

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