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  • seenitall

    Why the tract & invitation campaigns? It is the only way to get the regular pubs out into the field. There is now a general letdown of activity to go out, followup and keep going. Using the little invitations is easy, even a baby can hand them out and count time. Look at the big figures and doing it every 3 months we don't have anyone inactive. So, the COs look good, the congs look good, territories are worked every 6 months and wow look at the buzz of activity. But, what are the cold facts & figures? Are Memorial attendences up and conventions bursting at the seams? By inviting the public the JWs look more mainstream and are not a secret society. But, what if a direct mail, radio and TV spots, internet ads, etc were used? There would be more attendence. Thioughts?

  • inbetween

    every time such a tract campaign is coming up, its always been emphasized, how new ones, children, or even reactivated ones can use this simple method of preaching to get started (again)

    its not for the people, its for the witnesses, ...or better for the numbers on the Borg...

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    It also means the JW does not even have to be able to say or know anything more than:

    ''hello we are giving all your neighbors this tract and this is your copy have a nice day goodbye''

    I used to love tracts! I grew to hate field service towards the end and they meant i could do as above too...


  • sir82

    There is a palpable sense of relief when our congregation does a tract or invitation campaign. Everybody seems more relaxed.

    As in "Thank God, I don't have to actually talk about anything remotely controversial or unpleasant today, but I still get to count my time..."

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    inbetween is bang on!

    That is primarily why the tract campaigns exist.

    The Oracle

  • Morbidzbaby

    This was actually what got me reactivated last year... I ended up going from zero hours for over a year to 48 hours in one month!! Ugh... *shivers*... I hate it now when my mother comes home and says "Well, there's gonna be a NEW CAMPAIGN!!"...WTF? What are they running for governor or something??

  • WTWizard

    It is another excuse to get the people to waste all their time. Every time there is a waste of paper distribution campaign, they are asked (ordered) to stay out later than normal and go out on days they normally wouldn't. If they just did a radio broadcast, the people wouldn't have to go out and actually waste their time doing the deadest work on the planet.

  • Gayle

    Radio and television would cost too much money for the headquarters. They would rather keep the money and buy property upstate and build more big buildings.

  • wasblind

    "Thank God, I don't have to actually talk about anything remotely controversial or unpleasant today, but I still get to count my time..."

    That's right Sir82, And they don't have to be embarassed when they get confronted on all their false prophesies, and flip flops.

  • LostGeneration

    This is one of the big things that made me realize that its not really "the last days" "the time of the end" or that "armageddon is imminent." If it were, the WT would adopt modern ways of reaching the masses with their message. But they don't really want to do that...

    They toot their horn about their radio station back in the 20's, or their MEPS system. But now that more people can be reached by TV, internet, radio or other means, they are strangely silent.

    If their message were really that important, not a single person in the civilized world would not know who they were if they truly wanted to bombard the airwaves and the internet with their message.

    But they would rather sit on their cash...and send out free laborers into the field with a completely non-productive action plan.

    Can you imagine a major corporation with an incredible new product sending out a door to door sales force? Of course not, that kind of marketing is a technique of the past, and ineffective in society today. But of course the WT has a 1.5 billion hour quota to meet now, and they aren't going to take that train off of the tracks even though its leading nowhere...

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