A Terry inspired post - Whose interpretation do you follow?

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    Deputy Dog


    This is a Seventh Day Adventist group.


    E. G. White - C.T. Russell False prophets

    of a feather...

  • PSacramento
    I'm not sure what else to say. As I said just a bit ago, most of the rational points will be ignored.

    Well, I apologise for giving you that impression.

    My simple and "irrational" point was that it is probably incorrect to generalise personal "revelations" since they are, indeed personal.

    Sure people with the "same" views tend to "find themselves' and as such, become a group, but doesn't mean we shoudl generalize them.

    That was all I was trying to say and I am sorry if that made you feel as if your rational points were being ignored.

    I aslos tried to point out that those similarities that at times causes us to generalise can also be useful to get an "idea" of how "light" or "dark" those personal revelations can be.

  • Terry
    For a time after I quit my study, I also had to stop scouring through the bible because it kept bringing me down - since I was seeing mostly fear and darkness and punishment and rules and laws - and no freedom. Once I found my peace (and so much joy came with that), those feelings passed, and I didn't see those things anymore. I see things in love and faith, both for Christ and as He taught us.

    Why, Tammy---you are a MYSTIC!

    Plato would love you.

  • PSacramento
    Why, Tammy---you are a MYSTIC!

    Here's a secret Bro...we ALL ARE.

  • just n from bethel
    just n from bethel

    And my simple 'rational' point was that if revelations are "personal" then that means by definition that they all come from within one's mind - not some external invisible life-force.

    If they really were from a divine nature - there wouldn't be this worldwide divergence of revelations with conflicting visions. I provide a logical explanation as to the absurdity of personal revelations being divine in origin, and all I ever get is "well, they're personal - so you just can't understand unless you have one". (Of course when I ask how to get one myself - the only answer I get is to believe or truly open my heart (as if I haven't given that a fair shot) in the Lord, Allah, Buddah, or some Hindu diety depending on who I ask. Here on this board - where almost all come from a Christian culture which has lodged Christian associations into their innermost neurological system - it's primarily Jesus that gives revelations; but they'll never admit it could be that just their brain has formed some kind of defense mechanism and attached it to a man-made belief system based on their culture/environment.)

    Your saying "personal" is much more generalising than my saying 'internally generated from one's mind'.

  • tec

    Why, Tammy---you are a MYSTIC!

    Plato would love you.

    Should I be embarrassed to admit that I don't really know much about what a mystic is?


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