Are Earthquakes Really On The Increase?

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  • cantleave

    The earth will one day become extinct, maybe when the sun turns supernova, life could be wiped out by a meteor strike, or humans could wiped themselves out by their activities. The thing is why worry about what we can't control? Lets focus on that which can.

  • african GB Member
    african GB Member

    They(JW's) would like the Earthquakes to be on the increase.

  • thetrueone

    However, every time he hears someone say that there have always been earthquakes, he pulls out this graph to show them the proof that there is a steep rise in earthquakes since the 1900's and especially in the last decade.

    This is a very disingenuous and misleading information.

    Any well recognized Geographic institute would laugh at this graph with disgust and preferably

    say it was made up for apocalyptic religious cults as a means to scare people for their own purposes.

    Next time you talk about this subject ask if some of the great mountain ranges around the world

    were created without any earthquakes in their development.

    So the answer is no, earthquakes have not been on an increase since the last century and they will

    continue on for many more millions of years.

    This just another case of the WTS. extrapolating and exploiting some information to put to their use

    in an attempt to validate themselves.

    Well if they don't, they lose power and control so its important to keep the fear on going.

  • AnnOMaly

    CogDis - The CO is only going off the GB's outline - the same talk is being given all over apparently, and I suspect the sources for his graphs and statistics also come from the outline. He's going to use those resources - not ones that contradict the information the GB wants the congos to hear. There is a clear agenda with this talk, namely, to whip up excitement and a sense of urgency about how real, real close the end really is now (did I mention how close the end is? It is, you know. Yeah they really mean it this time.)

  • WTWizard

    Earthquakes come in cycles. I have noticed that there haven't been any major ones recently.

    How can this be? Each fault gradually increases stress along itself, and when that stress gets too big, it goes off. At which point it has to start from zero again. And, if one goes off, it can create additional stress that could weaken another fault somewhere else in the world and set that one off, too. You get this happening, something like incinerating a whole book of matches by lighting one and setting one head on fire. It will set them off in sequential order.

    However, once all the ready faults are set off, you get nothing more. The tension is out of the faults, and will take time to reform. Once one area has its major earthquake, that region is done until the tension builds back up. And, once the world runs out of ready faults, it is going to take some time before something else resets for another major earthquake.

  • Quillsky

    Oh please, "eathquakes on the increase"? Only three things are on the increase...... Human population and hence people who actually experience earthquakes, instant global communication, and record-keeping.

    Everything is "on the increase" therefore...... cloud, rain, sunny days, birth, death and people wearing purple hats.

  • PSacramento

    Evertyhing in nature has a cycle it seems and perhaps earthqualkes work the same way, there are times we have more an dother times we have less, but it's hard to tell for sure because only recently have we been tracking them very well and even now, we can still do better.

    It may be that when we have even more monitoring stations we will find that everyday there is an earthquake somewhere on Earth or even more than that.

    I'd probably start to worry if we had NO earthquakes at all.

  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    I like Quillsky's analysis the best (cause it's funny).

    No response so far from my mom to my email. Could it be she does not want "the truth" confused with facts?

  • thetrueone

    The WTS. has been marketing fear for over a century with the impending personal judgment upon individuals come judgment day ( Armageddon )

    Constant earthquakes that weren't apparent before the WTS got established, all the supposed end time prophecies that had

    really actually occurred even in biblical times.

    Fear and ignorance are prospering tools if they can cultivate power and wealth.

    The JWS aren't the only ones that have been prospering off the cultivation of fear, people like Jack Van Impe

    have been making hundreds of thousands of dollars from " The End Times " prophecy as well, selling DVD's,

    CD's , books .......etc.

  • DaCheech

    in my thread, my CO said that "all the signs" of Jesus prophecy are happening simultaneously!

    what a Joff!

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