Interesting terminology heard at this year's DC

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  • pirata

    I don't have the references currently, but believe in the 30's the anointed were considered JWs, and the other ones that preached with them the companions, the Jonadab class.

    Over time the term "Jehovah's Witnesses" seems to have evolved to include all baptized JWs as quoted in the newer articles above.

    In our hall we often welcome "brothers, sisters, and friends". From the platform we usually we call someone "brother/sister" once they are baptized, and use the first name until then. That implies to me that baptized ones are Jehovah's Witnesses and publishers/associates are friend. However publishers and children of JWs also identify themselves as JWs.

  • onemore

    He used some odd terminology I had not heard before. He said this two or three times, so I mentally made note of it. He said "Jehovah's Witness, and "Friends of Jehovah's Witnesses".

    I find this comment very interesting, as I noticed something very similar at my DC. The speakers, in several occasions used the term “friends of Jehovah”, “friendship with Jehovah”, etc when referring to the “other sheep”; but when referring to the anointed/governing body they used terms such as, “son’s of Jehovah”, that they have a “relationship with Jehovah”. They did this in several occasions, and in one particular talk, I felt that the speaker was instructed to emphatically refer to the “other sheep” as having a friendship with Jah as oppose to a relationship.

    I think I now where this is going…


  • Pistoff

    It is just unbelievable that the society is going to push this; who is responsible for this garbage?

    As if it isn't bad enough that they remind the rank and file that they do not have Jesus as their mediator, now we don't have a relationship with Jehovah.

    The men who run this are just bankrupt, mentally, emotionally and most of all spiritually.

    They are mental midgets; the unintended consequences of this will bite them if they keep pushing it.

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