WELCOME to all our new friends @ JWN !

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  • wobble

    Hi and BIG WELCOME to all the new ones posting on here !

    It is really great to have you with us, and I hope you all find time to tell us your story, particularly the one thing that really "woke you up".

    Please feel free to ask for help, support and friendship here, that is why the site is such a success and so important, it offers those things and more.

    Love to you all,


  • Lozhasleft

    Lovely thread Wobble - Yep Welcome everyone !!

    Loz x

  • cantleave

    Hear!! Hear!! It's great to see so many coming out of the cancer. Remember, we only see a tiny percentage of those leaving on here, so people are leaving in their droves (I hope!).

  • bigmac

    hi loz & cantleave, you know me from elsewhere,

    i wonder how many UK members regularly post here?

  • bigmac

    @ wobble: i see your union jack on your profile, how do i update my profile?

    also how do i get notified if i'm sent PM's?

    help! i find this site difficult to find my way around.

  • cantleave

    You can't do that at present Big Mac. All the profile setting are due for updating (and have been for sometime), we believe Simon is still working on the improvements. You can change your avatar but that has to be done through Gravatar.com.

    BTW Wobble is real Brit who likes his curries and real ale!!!

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I reckon the UK must have the highest number of apostates in proportion to the population.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    It sure seems like it.

  • broops100

    Well Im another UK Brit - Bicmac & cantleave you must already know me.... :) Ive not been on this site much so much to read & never enough time ...

  • bigmac

    micky mouse wrote
    "I reckon the UK must have the highest number of apostates in proportion to the population."

    oooh i do hope so, what an honour!

    'mornin broopsie

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