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  • Jeremy430

    I'm mostly here to meet new like minded friends.

    Growing up in the religion has jaded my perspective. Most of my believes the WTS is BS, but there is that part in the back of my mind that fears they have the truth. Stupid I know, but it's there.

    Sometimes I worry that obsessing about the witnesses and how they wronged me only serves to keep the WTS in my life. Still, I have more in common with ex witnesses more than anyone. This is true whether they are still religious or Atheist.

    I got to say an observation...the WTS creates far more Atheists than anything else. I mean if they are going to brag they have 5 or 6 million members...imagine how many Atheists they made. lol

    I look forward to getting to meet guys...hope you have a great day :-)

  • allelsefails

    Welcome! Hopefully you will see that truth does live along with the lie.

    I am still "in" for family and I don't think living the life is a bad way (no adultery, no stealing, no lynig, etc....) I don't believe they have anything special.

    It is what it is.

    Allelsefails (when allelse fails try something that makes sense)

  • Heaven

    Welcome, Jeremy! Truth stands the test of time. The WTS doctrines have not done this. Living a life of love does.

  • yknot

    but there is that part in the back of my mind that fears they have the truth.

    That is normal...... if you want to lose that fear, you have come to the right place!

    You will discern dates, timelines and the evolution of what we believe on this site...

    For instance you and I grew up hearing that Jesus parousia was in 1914 but of course what they didn't tell us is that interpretation didn't come about until 1943! Yes some 19 years about slow 'light' you would think that upon appointment Jesus would have informed the Brothers! Heck, Jesus didn't even bother to tell the WTS the anointed were raised up in 1918 until 1930s.....Jesus '''evidently""" thought it was in our best interest to allow all the Bible Students to keep thinking the raising had occurred in 1878!

    Anywho the more you read our history the more you discern all of it is just one patch explanation after another as to why the end hasn't come!

    I too am still 'in' ......

  • Hadit

    Welcome Jeremy! It's not stupid to still question whether or not they have the truth - it's heavy duty mind control at work. The more you read and think the clearer things become. You are right, they have certainly created many atheists. The lack of love that has been shown is a sure way to push people away from God.

    There are good people here that really make you think. Great place to share and learn. All the best!

  • steve2

    Welcome Jeremy. While they talk endlessly about love, JWs actually thrive on fear. It's therefore normal to have some residue of it even after leaving.

  • wantingtruth

    Hey Jeremy , you are welcome !

    try to understand this perspective


  • Cook My Socks UK
    Cook My Socks UK

    This is my first post also. Not sure that I am ready to tell my story yet as I am very active in the cong. Obviously something is wrong though, otherwise I wouldn't be here

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Welcome to the forum Jeremy and Cook,

    The primary doctrine has it that The WT was selected by Jesus to be God's sole channel of communication today.

    Is that true, Jeremy?

    If it is true, what should you do?

    If it is false, what should you do?



  • yknot


    Maybe stick to talking about what is gnawing at your gut until you feel more comfortable........

    Why not start a thread about what is feeling wrong in your world........

    One thing we all learn on this forum is that if you are feeling something, chances are somebody else felt that way too!

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