What would happen to a JW if they were prescribed medical marijuana?

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  • manicmama

    I was just looking at the news and this just popped into my head. What if you had terminal cancer and were prescribed this by your physician? You already have a terminal disease so the thing about destroying your "body as a temple" thing is a mute point. It is simply a matter of pain control and being able to maybe consume some food that may actually lengthen your time in this world. What are your thoughts as to what the elders would do in this situation?


  • Soldier77

    First thing came to mind: Disfellowship™

    Second: No DF, but no Privileges™

    I'd be surprised if they did nothing and let you smoke it.

  • serenitynow!

    I've thought about this. My mind went first to "hey Jehovah created it right, it's God's creation" (for those of you who believe in that). I see no problem with it. My mom used to say that nothing Jehovah created could be bad. The context was when I was a kid and would say some food was "nasty" like okra; I could say I didn't like it, but not that it was gross because Jehovah made it. If it is legal in your state; smoke on!

    As a nurse I say if your doctor prescribes it to you, that is between you and the dr, you don't have to talk to the elders or anyone else about your healthcare. And if any JW clinic staff spills the beans about your treatment- sue 'em under the HIPAA law criminally and civilly!

  • MrFreeze

    serenity, Jehovah also created poisonous mushrooms. Not that weed is poison, because it's far from it, but that's a a point you coudl have said when your mom said "nothing Jehovah created could be bad"

  • flipper

    MANICMAMA- The elders I knew would advise the witness to get some other medical option , reading the 2 Corinthian scripture about " defiling the flesh " - then give the person a short limited time to get off the marijuana- or they'd be Disfellowshipped. Even though it is nature's gift to us humans- the WT society considers it a dangerous mind altering drug which invites demons into a JW's brain. LOL ! So, yeah, the person would get DFed unless they stopped smoking it. Ridiculous, but true

  • serenitynow!
    serenity, Jehovah also created poisonous mushrooms. Not that weed is poison, because it's far from it, but that's a a point you coudl have said when your mom said "nothing Jehovah created could be bad"

    Well I was a little kid when she told me that so I didn't know about mushrooms. It's just as well though, had I said it I would have risked a slap in the mouth; I would refer you to my posts about questioning my mom about the "Alpha and Omega, god has always been" notion. That discussion did not end well.

    You make a good point though about things that were created that have no productive use that we know of. For people who believe in god, how do they explain weed being bad?

  • metatron

    I have wondered about this.............. what will they do if a doctor says OK? Jaracz had a fight with California types over some of the 'spiritism/hokey-pokey, placebo laden therapy' and didn't get what he wanted. I dunno.


  • baltar447

    I think the really uder dub would consider this a temptation form satan. I'd consider it no big deal but I wouldn't dare tell a soul. I'd prefer not to smoke it, but would take it in another form. I just hate smoke period.

  • EmptyInside

    This is a serious issue. But, it made me think of Bill Clinton for some reason. So the elders would probably allow them to smoke it, but they wouldn't be allowed to inhale.

    Sorry, on a more serious note, considering all the drugs a cancer patient would be taking, I don't think marijuana would be any worse. And they don't have to smoke it. There are other ways of taking it.

  • Mary

    When I had cancer years ago, I was told by my fellow Witlesses that we're not supposed to smoke pot even if you're sick because of chemo or raditation "because it's still the act of smoking".Apparently, Jehovah would rather see you sick as a dog for days or weeks on end rather than smoke a herb that He created in the first place. Then again, this is the same group of wackos who would have you believe that Jehovah would rather see you or your child dead rather than accept a life-saving blood transfusion, so it shouldn't come as any surprise.

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