What would Fred Franz say about Lady Gaga?

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  • booby

    never sure, even if a person doesn't like one of these overpaid overhyped types, how others can look at the success that they have achieved in their field of endeavour and say they have NO talent. Maybe saying "I don't like/enjoy what they do" but how with no talent can they achieve what they do, Anywho, just my thoughts.

  • yknot

    OMG Lance......that song is forever changed now!

    Somebody talented please make Youtube video with Gaga, Dancing Chippendale GB (including Fred) and a mocked up remake of that song...!!

  • exwhyzee

    What would Fred Franz say about Lady Gaga?

    He'd say "LadyWho Who???"

    Freddy had a pretty good sense of humor. One time he told me that he was watching his Cholesterol.

    I told him that I'd heard that Garlic, was good for combating high Choleserol levels.

    He replied " yes...but too bad it's also good at "Combating: your friends!"

  • Dogpatch

    Freddy DID have a good sense of humor. He would have liked the new Gaga video "Telephone" because of it's naughty language and theme, and the single breast on the babe.


    If I was a Muslim terrorist I would want her to be one of the 70 (ahem) VIRGINS I have in heaven!


  • dgp

    Dogpatch, sorry, but I became a Muslim first, I killed my quota, and she belongs with me.

  • Dogpatch


  • Think About It
    Think About It

    He'd probably say he'd like to "poker face" her, but it's against his religion.

    Think About It

  • Mickey mouse
  • RubaDub

    No talent ??????????

    If listening to Fame Monster doesn't make you want to jump up and dance, you must have ice in your veins.

    Rub a Dub

  • BlackTwisted

    I think Fred Franz would say "lady gaga? who is that?" and probably "she is the proof of babylon the great" something similiar to that :P

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