My shameful reaction to the BBC Panorama...

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  • highdose

    I just watched the BBC panorama program about JW's and their child abuse problems on you tube.

    I havn't seen it since it was first aired. I was watching it and recalling what my reaction was when i saw it for the first time as a commited devout JW.

    Before the program aired the congregation called a extrodinary meeting in which a letter was read out from bethal. they seemed to back up every point they made by a scripture read out by another brother also on the platform. One of the things we were told is that the GB gave a interview to the makers of the program but that none of it had been used.Afterwards there was a great deal of talk about the upcoming program between the brothers and sisters, they were united by disgust that this program was being aired, i left that meeting already decided that i was not going to belive anything stated in the program. I was also unaware of how stupid and narrow minded this veiwpoint was.

    I watched the program, and scoffed the whole way through. I felt sure that these terrible storys had to, they just had to be made up by apostates. The loving brothers and sisters couldn't possibly behave like that! I used reasons such as reffering to the JW's as a "church" and one of the former JW's being shown as smoking as reasons for not beliving. I finshed watching the program certain that it was all lies and that i was completly correct in beliving this.

    ... As i watched the program again just now i was shocked and horrifiled at the way i reacted to the program first time round. I can't belive i was so brain washed and stupid that i ignored somthing that was so obviously there! In my defence, as many of you know, when JW's now call at my door i now call them out about this issuse and watch as they stumble around trying to make stupid exhuses which i then shoot down much to their embarrsment.

    I feel like i should apologise though for my reaction first time round to all the people who weren't belived. I'm so sorry.

  • scotinsw

    same here highdose.

    I recall that the programme was aired on a Sunday and that the letter was read at the thursday meeting. We never heard this as it was aired the week of our district convention. It was talked about that it was all lies etc but now I watch it and see how deceptive the org is.

    The one thing I do remember was a poster being glued to our kingdom hall door so stop child abuse. The KH i attended was in a block of flats and had just a regular gloss painted door and there was a reminder for a few weeks after as the poster didn;t come off that easily!

  • fokyc

    I can remember that Thursday meeting before the Special Panorama was aired,

    what a long amount of letter reading; then we were told we could watch it IF we wanted to!

    Most didn't watch!

    BUT isn't it good that it is still available to watch for those who now want to.

    It was shortly after that when the 'F&D Slave' put up there Child Abuse policy online (2003)

  • designs

    To let a child die for a religious Belief. It makes me weep even today. I got my children out and they're safe now.

    Knorr's legacy was 'take no prisoners'. Yet he ran scared on a trip to Africa rather than be arrested, he even called it God's hand in the matter, like only he could run the Organization.

    So many children, teenagers, and adults lost over the Blood issue. As an Elder I sat and comforted a young husband and new father who's wife had just died because of blood loss. Those faces and those losses stay with you forever.

  • JustHuman14

    Well the reaction was normal as a brainwashed JW...More and more JW's realize that they are brainwashed

  • Mary

    That's what being in a cult does. It warps normal thinking patterns. I remember when the abuse first aired on Dateline. My parents watched it and afterwards my father absolutely went mental yelling "don't believe everything you see on there!!" He ranted and raved about how the media is controlled by Satan and the program was obviously filled with "half-truths", etc. etc. I said "Gee dad, did you feel that way when they exposed the pedophile problem in the Catholic Church or did you take that as gospel truth?!"

    Even my JW sister (who does not believe in alot of the teachings of the religion) kept saying "there's got to be more to it then that". I said "Why does there have to be?" She gave no answer so I said "Is it because if there is nothing more to it, then it kinda puts the Organization on the same level as the Catholic Church doesn't it?"

    That is simply the way victims of high control groups react and that doesn't just happen with JW's. Take a look at the whacky belief system in Scientology, Mormons or fringe cults like Jonestown. They all start with the premise that "we are right, everyone else is wrong" which sets the stage for how you react when their lies are exposed.

  • dgp


  • BluesBrother

    No apology needed highdose, just being here is proof enough.....

  • alanv

    My eldest son thought how terrible it was as well. Two years later he had joined up. He conveniently forgot what he had seen.

    I think one of the best responses would be to ask them if it was ful lof lies don't you think the societies legal dept. would have dealt with it.

    I know in the U K the Panarame programme where it was aired is regarded as a very, very honest and factual programme.

    I didn't know the society said that they wouldn't let the society have their say on the programme.

    I know the reporter went out of her way after the programme to say that they would not agree to be on camera or give an interview.

  • cantleave

    You bad person Highdose - the instruction was NOT to watch the program . I was a good boy and didn't. What stupid F*(kw17 I was!!

    We were given standard responses to give if the programme with mentioned on the service, but noone said anything. Just shows how noone cares about the cult, except cult members.

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