Bama style!!!! (apology to my African American friends)

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    1. LOVED the video sing along (some folks are SO talented with technology!)...

    2. Not sure he wouldn't be able to actually open up a can of whup-*ss on the perp, 'cause some of our more, ummmm... "feminine" bruthas really can throw down, make NO mistake about that... and

    3. I kinda hope he's got a can of Afro-Sheen/bottle of World of Curls in the house somewhere... and intends to use it before his next TV interview...

    Otherwise, the post made me want to laugh... and cry. I've managed a few of California's version of the "projects" and sometimes it really is very sad. Very. And this is 'Bama (no offense and peace to you, my sistah Sylvie!), so...

    Ennyway, no offense taken here!

    SA, on her own...

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