A question for all Jehovah's Witnesses on here who truly believe

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    You've read COAC you say and have seen the WTcomments videos, yet you say 'many' things you don't believe, and 'if' the org is directed by Jah.

    A genuine question for you. What bits do you believe still? What makes you think the org may be directed by God?

    For me personally (i believed for 30 yrs), as soon as i started researching the Org. And especially after reading Crisis of Conscience, my belief in 'The truth' evaporated instantly. I didn't believe anything the dellusional pensioners claimed.

    I've heard of many people who having read COC still continue in the org, excusing the mistakes made because of them being imperfect men.

    I'd like to hear what keeps you still believing some of it.


  • Quillsky

    What about those INTELLIGENT JW's? Did you have any in your cong'?

    Good thread, nicolaou, thanks for the link.

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