Has anyone notice all the KFC's are closing down?.... WHY??

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  • freydo

    I love Church's - But not too often.

    Body's a machine - needs grease. I've also notice KFC's closing.

  • Snoozy

    No closings here, but they discontinued the buffet..it used to attract a lot of seniors because of their low $3.99 price. (seniors) I tried Popeyes but found them tasteless.

    I like KFC if you go when the food is at peak..like 11 am-noon or around 4 pm. They food is fresher then and not so greasy.

    The one where I used to live served the livers on Wed or Thur only, but they still had them.

    And Blondie, that link locked up my computer... Had to reboot....

    I do love their coleslaw..I will make a special trip just to get some.


  • Lozhasleft

    Here in the UK its noticeable that many of the branches' standards have really dropped...hubby loves their gravy tho...

    Loz x

  • jookbeard

    The KFC's here in the UK are still going strong I think there is even talk of expansion, sadly we are served with dreadful fast food choices here in the UK we have plenty of MacShit/BK/Pizza Hut/Domino's but Taco Bell and Wendys folded years ago here, I see a new Mexican place called Chipotle has opened a couple of places in London, occasional we get KFC for the kids they're not even fussed by MacShit these days. Would love to have Jack in the Box and White Castle here, my one and only trip to the USA I was always surprised how many "Dennys" there was but nobody ever seemed to eat there what are these places like and do they still exist? Bonanza was another one that died here.

  • RubaDub

    KFC is overpriced. In my opinion, at least 25%-35% overpriced.

    It's one thing if the sides were excellent, but they aren't. I'm not a big mashed potato person, so I generally would go for the vegetables. However, soggy, out of a can string beans doesn't cut it with me.

    I'll take Church's any day.

    Rub a Dub

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Always thought it was funny when the franchise name was changed to KFC to get the word "Fried" out of the public's eye. I rarely eat fast food and maybe will do KFC once a year. Had it the other night and only ate one piece. The taste definately has changed somewhat. I didn't care for it, but they still have the absolute best coleslaw.

    Think About It

  • Snoozy

    Jook, we still have Denny's but not as many. i think that other restaurants have taken a lot of their business. Denny's in my opinion has gone downhill in their cleanliness. i was even moved ot comment about it and send the main office a letter..they sent me free coupons..lol like I would use them after my bad experience there.

    I heard Chipotle's is really good. .

    Bonanza is gone ..at least in Missouri

    Jaqck in the box is still popular here.

    And we have lots of Taco bells and McD's..I love absolutely LOVE Taco Bell..(even tho I got food poisoning there one time)

    Pizza hut is a once a year hit for me..they have closed a few but I still like their pizza..they tend to scrimp on the toppings sometimes so you may have to order "Extra cheese or sauce".

    White Castle is still here and going strong. Yummy...love their Bar B Que/ pulled pork hamburgers.

    Wendy's is making a comeback..when they finally opened one by my daughters house I tried one. I used to love them but the one I got that day had no taste..I mean None! It was flat. I used to love Wendy's too.

    I noticed this morning that the I hop was really packed as was Bob Evans..so they have good food and are doing well..a good thing.

    We really have an abundance of fast food and restaurants/steakhouses in the area. But I seldom eat out. Too much bad stuff in them..but they taste so good..lol


  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    Thanx for all the Info...

    The past yr. we have seen 8-10 closed right down, in our 20 mile area.

    As Long as I don't see Taco Bell closing... I can handle the Colonel's Chicken going MIA.

    Maybe it the Immigration thing.....

  • loosie

    here in kansas our popeye's closed down but KFC si still up and running.

  • wasblind

    Outlaw looks like he's actually witnessing ARMEGEDDON.

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