Is the WTBTS mistaken or deceptive?

by exwhyzee 32 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • moshe
    MOSHE, You are right again in that you say the religion is just giving the members what they crave as a 'fix' and they are trying to make the 'corpse' look as lifelike as possible.

    LHG- if the WT told the JWs the truth about the truth, we would be looking at a bunch of JW suicides. The JWs would be so despressed over their wasted lives= who knows what crazy shit they could do to themselves. So maybe in the mind of the WT leadership, being deceptive is just the lesser of two evils, when the alternative is hanging yourself. Imagine the grief from a parent who let their child die by saying no to a blood transfusion. Part of me wants the JWs to get their comeuppance and the other part of me says to just let them screw themselves.

  • streets76

    Moshe, you are one of the smartest people in this community.

  • wasblind

    You said a mouth full Moshe, i couldn't agree more.

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