Is the WTBTS mistaken or deceptive?

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  • thetrueone

    The WTS. has an interesting evolution, from its roots with the turn of the century Adventists and Russell's interest and propagation of Pyramidology.

    It also has an interesting and involving growth as a religious publishing house that ties into those very Adventists beliefs.

    It is indisputable that the WTS. marketed and commercialized its products on those secular beliefs, the End Times was and has

    been exploited to its fullest potential. Well in reality those said End Times never appeared but during these proclamations a lot of

    literature was sold to the public. One could say that the now WTS. ( worth a billion dollars world wide ) was built on those proclamations.

    Peoples fears and insecurities were exploited to benefit the holding power and control of believers and to stimulate circulated growth of its published


    It is for this reason the word deceptive would be more appropriate in describing the WTS. and its operations, since its

    beginning inception on to the world's religious seen.

    The return of Christ, the earth's return to a Paradise state, the great tribulation, Armageddon, the end times, were all

    exploitively used by the WTS. to draw attention to its literature and to cull devouted followers.

  • debator

    loaded question! Niether.

  • sir82
    loaded question! Niether.


    So when they told Jehovah, in print, "how appropriate" it would be for him to bring about Armageddon in 1975, they were neither mistaken nor deceptive?

    Pray tell, what 3rd choice is there?

  • booby

    Stupid. And a bit deceptive sometimes.

  • SweetBabyCheezits

    Yeah, in most cases I try to apply "Hanlon/Heinlein's Razor" (the play on Occam's Razor): Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

    Of course, the WT's "admission" to blowing 1975 out of proportion was definitely deceptive as was the "enlightenment" regarding organ transplants in 80. They weaseled their way out from under the yoke of responsibility, no doubt about it. The wording still makes me sick.

    Debator, compare the two quotes below and explain how the Society could worm their way out of their previous official position without being intentionally deceptive:

    1967 WT 11/15 QfR:

    "When there is a diseased or defective organ, the usual way health is restored is by taking in nutrients. The body uses the food eaten to repair or heal the organ, gradually replacing the cells. When men of science conclude that this normal process will no longer work and they suggest removing the organ and replacing it directly with an organ from another human, this is simply a shortcut. Those who submit to such operations are thus living off the flesh of another human. That is cannibalistic. However, in allowing man to eat animal flesh Jehovah God did not grant permission for humans to try to perpetuate their lives by cannibalistically taking into their bodies human flesh, whether chewed or in the form of whole organs or body parts taken from others."

    And now the new light, in which WTBTS projects their previous policy as simply having been a matter of someone's strict conscience...

    1980 WT 3/15 QfR:

    "Some Christians might feel that taking into their bodies any tissue or body part from another human is cannibalistic. They might hold that the transplanted human material is intended to become part of the recipient's body to keep him alive and functioning. They might not see it as fundamentally different from consuming flesh through the mouth. Such feelings may arise from considering that God did not make specific provision for man to eat the flesh of his fellowman when he made provision for humans to eat the flesh of animals that had been drained of their life-sustaining blood. They may give consideration also to the way people in Bible times viewed sustaining themselves by taking in human flesh. "

    I didn't see one mention in the 1980 QfR of "this magazine once stated" or "Jehovah's Witnesses once held" or ANYTHING that indicated an admission of official policy. Why didn't the GB man up, Debator?

  • wasblind

    It's ashame so many have lost their lives because of views once held by the WTS, only to be change later

    Your loved one is dead and all they can say is "Oops new light". Forgive me, they don't say "Oops" they

    just say "new light " then publish a magazine with the faces of all who died as if it's something to be

    proud of. Only Satan himself could be so haughty.

  • wasblind

    The Awake mag that featured all of the dead children, was equivalent to Jonestown masacare

  • thetrueone

    Its a religious publishing house who deceptively proclaims itself something that it is not.

    Irregardless it has established a mainframe of power and control by the developers which is too provocatively tasteful

    for certain men to resist and hold on to.

  • Hadit

    It is mistaken AND deceptive and very systematic in keeping both going. To do any less would mean loss of power and control.

    They know exactly what they are doing.

  • moshe

    This the way I see it.

    Religion is a drug and the JWs are just getting their fix of religion in the KH.

    The 1914 generation was extended by popular demand and the JWs wanted it that way. The JWs are consumers of the WT religion and the WT Corp tries to give the JWs full value for their money and a lifetime of work. The perceived value is the unique expectation that they will never have to die and only they will survive Armageddon and enter into to the new paradise earth. You have to be a JW to get this special religious expectation- no other religion promises you this, only the JWs. So in a way, they are deceptive, as the WT has never come out and directly said many of their teachings were originally invented in the alcohol induced mind of Judge Rutherford. However, the WT does on a regular basis give veiled disclaimers as to the human nature of their dogmas. We who are reading this (most of us) finally understood the human reality of the WT religion and we left the KH.

    We grew up and no longer needed that weekly fix of "you'll never die, you will be in paradise". The writers are just stooges for the corporation and they need their fix of power-- that is why they keep putting out these articles- " brothers and sisters,stay the course, be loyal to the Org.". I imagine the worldly people in legal and Corp. finance are laughing at the JWs, but they are charged with running a corporation and they will try to make the corpse look as life-like as possible for as long as possible. The JWs can have any style of religion they want, but they will eventually have to grow up and give up their "never having to die dream" and live in the real world.

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