Younger wife ploy?

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  • wantstoleave

    Definitely have seen this happen numerous times over the years at the KH. The old guys always end up with the young women. I think there was a marriage here recently of a 70+ yr old brother who married a mid 20's sister and only a few months after his wife died. Literally every few months I hear of this occurring. Just makes me want to vomit. Indeed when I divorced, though not scripturally, the elders hinted to me that in time I would find an older, wiser, more spiritual man. When I jokingly queried 'yeh what age?'....they responded 'well you're 28 with 2 kids, so maybe a brother in his 50's or 60's'. I just told them 'no way'.

    Unfortunately 'in the truth' sisters outnumber the brothers 3:1 at least, and if you're labelled 'damaged goods', then you've got little to no hope of finding a brother your own age.

  • dgp

    "Damaged goods" meaning "she was married to someone else before"? I suppose so.

    EmptyInside, .

    I wonder if one of the reasons behind marrying only in the Lord" is simply bringing men into the organization. On the one hand, marrying out is not grounds for disfellowshipment. They just make your life miserable unless the other party converts. As in "an offer you can't refuse".

    I know that many a marriage has been broken, but, how come they are supposed to respect a previous marriage with a worldly person?

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    This reminds me of another cult (Children of God?) some years ago that sent out females to entice new members with offers of sex. It was called FLIRTY FISHING!


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    Dark Side can't live with 'em so pass the beer nuts

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    dgp...yes exactly Yet if a brother has been married before, there is no stigma attached. Very unfair. It's common to hear people gossip about the ex wife 'oh she couldn't cook' or 'she couldn't keep house' but rarely is a word said about a brother besides 'poor thing'. I hate the double standard

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    My mom rubbed that one in my face a few times, in her own subtle way. Actually, she still does. I sorta fell for it too. After I settled myself in my new life as a baptized JW, it was time to go on the hunt. There were a lot of girls. With most, I didn't measure up to their standard. Others were single moms and I just couldn't be an insta-dad to just any kid. Too many of them were just too young. There just wasn't a fit. So much futility.

    I tried getting with a girl who bailed out of the troof years ago, like me, and was coming back. She had just graduated from university. I thought we had a lot in common. By the time she got baptised, things completely exploded in my face. She was a little paranoid and over sensitive. Her grandmother, whom she was living with, fed upon the girl's fears and made me out to be a freaky stalker. I helped them move, AND THAT'S HOW THEY REPAID ME?!?! In the end, it was for the best. Her whole family would have made me ill. I wish she had stayed where she come from instead of coming to my town. As far as the troof was concerned, it was pretty much the last straw. It's stupid I know. I feel like such a sucker.


  • blondie

    I saw parents of 18 to 23 year old daughters move out by Walkill or New York Bethel buy a house and settle in. They would make sure these young women were seen by the single male Bethelites. Most were basically potential trophy wives in looks and wealthy parents. There were no male jws in their areas. They'd stay until their daughters snagged one, then have a wedding and move back to the home sites, leaving their daughters installed as Bethelites.

    I also saw a older (80's) widowed male Bethelite with a 25 year old blonde beauty on his arm.

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