Has anyone ever asked a Catholic if they hate us like we are told they do?

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  • life is to short
    life is to short

    OK I do not know if it is only in my area that this happened in but I truly do not think it is. Every since I was a little kid all I have heard is how the Catholic's hate us, how they persecute us, even beat us in some third world country's. They insight their members to hate us and pelt us with rocks, tar and feather us, on and on. In fact rummer has it that in one small town by us the slit the tires of all the JW's cars in the late 60 when they were holding a CA. Yet I know a older Catholic couple who lives there and they say they never heard of the Catholic's doing that nor was it organized by the Catholic's that they know of. They do not doubt that it happened just that it was not done by the Catholics. This couples daughter became a JW and they are so hurt by how unloving she has been to them another who story.

    As I have posted I quit going to the meeting two weeks ago for good, but the last talk by the CO he said that the Catholic digest wrote that 'Jehovah's Witnesses were the best religion there is and if there were not such a great people as the JW's someone would need to invent them' then the CO added 'and this is coming from our strongest opposition.' He also tried to talk about how horrible the pedophile priests were but I was sitting in the front roll and I swear if he had kept going I was going to stand up and say 'yes we slam the Catholic's but we have a sexual psychopath we seed door to door, yes we are so much better than the Catholic's.' The CO must have realized that because he stopped and changed where he was headed, but he still slammed the Catholics four or five times during his talk on different things.

    So anyway I was always afraid of anyone who was Catholic why they hate us so much. When I waitressed I treated all the priests and nuns that came in like dirt and I felt so self righteous, like I was showing them the "truth" by being this jerk. OK so now I have my own cleaning business and half of my customers are Catholic's I have no fear of them now, they are great people and I truly like them. I have become friends with some of them and have even had them to my home for dinner and such.

    So I have started to ask them why the Catholics hate us so much. Why the priests tell them to hate us. In fact this one man I work for two days ago I went with him to this lake place to clean and it is a two hour drive one way all we did was talk about the differences in our beliefs. He was a born in Catholic, he is now in his early 70's and he swears he never once heard anything bad said about us. This man went to Catholic schools and is totally immersed in the religion. He has priests and nuns over all the time and he said never has he heard a priest say one bad word about us in all of his life. He was just totally blown away at what I had been taught to believe about the Catholic's.

    So what is your take on this, have any of you ever talked to a Catholic. This man is not the only Catholic I have spoken to I have talked to many and they all say the same thing to me that they never have heard anything bad about Jehovah's Witnesses. So is it only my area. In fact this man that I work for grew up in the neighborhood of one of the brothers who was in my hall and this brother was always saying how the Catholic kids hated him and his family. This man I work for when I told him that looked at me and said we never hated him and his family where did that come from? I think it was the "brothers" take on it as his family was egging on the neighbors by have a neon sign in their window saying religion is a snare and a racket and the neighbors could not sleep because it was so huge and kept flashing on and off all night. When the brother would tell me the story he would laugh and say yeh we grew up in such a strong Catholic neighborhood. And yes now I feel really bad in how I treated the priests and nuns when I waited on them.

    So what are your takes on this. Is it just another lie we were taught?


  • Soldier77

    I think the WTS needed to put a face to "the devil" and the Catholic church seemed to be perfect at the time. That's all I can think of. I know a lot of catholics and they have never talked bad about the witnesses (they knew I was one) other than what anyone else would say about witnesses.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    I never actually asked them, but the ones I did know didn't think too highly of JWs. Hate might be too strong a word, though.

  • ZeusRocks

    When I first moved to Melbourne and started grade 4 at school the first friend I ever made was a Catholic. I didn't know it at the time, but one day he took back to his house and introduced me to his mum. I don't know why, but one of the first things she asked me was if I had a religion. Of course I said I was a Jehovah's Witness. Her response was that her church tells them to stay away from us because we are dangerous. She obviously didn't think so as her son and I remained friends and had many sleepovers. But that was just her response as a Catholic. She never said anything about hating JW's, just to be wary and try and stay away from them.

    Growing up I had many friends who were Catholic or had grown up Catholic and when I told them at the time I was a JW (I know, I was naughty having those demonized Catholics as friends), they really didn't care about the JW's either way. Not one ever mentioned being told to hate a persecute JW's.

    It may be a different story when you get to a Catholic dominated country like Italy or some areas of South America where the Catholic church has a lot of influence, I'm not sure.

  • myelaine

    Father Slavko Dumec knows me and my (non-catholic) situation and keeps blessing me!...once a while back he did a mass at my late f-i-l's bedside and then prayed for ministries to ex-JW's as that was another thing that we were talking about during his visit to the hospital.

    love michelle

  • pirata

    When Rutherford took the presidency, he wrote a ton of articles railing against the catholics. I have the "Golden Age" magazine form 1932-1937 and almost every secondsissue had an article against the catholics or aluminum (they seem to be his two pet peeves).

  • JWoods

    I have posted before that the witnesses probably are obsessed with anti-catholic ideas because they are actually jealous of the catholic church.

    After all, as others have noted, they have structured their heirarchy much like the Roman catholics.

    I really doubt that the catholics (in turn) actually give the witnesses much of a second thought. Current-day catholic teaching generally encourages tolerance of other religions - something sadly lacking in JW land.

  • StAnn

    I sit at Mass and I've never heard any priest bash any other religion or denomination. It's just not our style. Most of the people who know I'm an ex-JW have questions about it, don't know much about the JWs, and frankly view them as just a little annoying fringe group. No one takes them seriously.

    Now, I have advised my Catholic friends that JWs are apostates who hate the Church and not to let their children play with them unless supervised by the Catholic parent. They are always surprised to find out just how dangerous the JWs are and that they are a cult.

    Based upon the absolute indifference I've seen in Catholics to the JWs, it's hard to believe they're a big focus for the Church.

    I went to Catholic Digest's website and searched for the phrase "Jehovah's Witness" in many forms and got no hits. I would like to know what article that CO was referencing.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    The organization has delusions of grandeur they think their so important and everyone's after them. I went to catholic school for 12 yrs and I don't remember ever even thinking about jw's, I barely knew they existed.

    JW'S are just not that special certainly not a theatrical spectacle to the world as they would like to believe.

  • BurnTheShips

    JWs aren't a mighty army. JW is a puny little thing with an outsized opinion of its importance. Other than being annoyed in the morning by someone at the door peddling propaganda, no one really cares.


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