1914 again

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  • yknot

    In my part of the Borgdom......... only men care about or discuss 607.

    The last time a Brother and I began such a conversation I allowed him to go through the whole spiel.......and instead of agreeing with him like most totally overwhelmed girls........ I simply asked if he could also explain the development and timeline of said chronology within the Organization.

    He is still working on that little project....

    I don't see the point in arguing the chronology with a newly awake or asleep JW. The belief is still too strong, so discuss the finer points of what, when and how allows them to explore 607 safely and see it hasn't been as 'concrete' as the Org presents today.......Most JWs assert the 1943 chronology as having been present in 1914.

  • moomanchu

    Why didn't Jesus tell his apostles Armageddon will happen after 1914.

    He must have knew that 7 times = 2520 he watched as Nebachadnezzer lived them.

    Surely Jesus could figure out Daniel's prophecy! Chuck did.

    But then again, as my mom says "the society doesn't know the day or hour just the year."

  • wantingtruth


    try to understand what Jesus taught

    and then you will see the futility of 587/607 discussions

  • wantingtruth

    anyway, back to 1914: Will be interesting , if it still will be highlighted that much, when 100 year anniversary comes, or will it be replaced ? maybe great tribulation already started invisibly ? or something like that ? Time will tell....its only 4 more years to go...

    the "great tribulation" is not over the WT society, nor over its leaders

    while "the world" caused and still causes always tribulations over the ( true) Christians , the (biblical) Great Tribulation is a special tribulation over "the people of saints" , only they are "feeling" it ; and it is caused by the "weeds" or the Man of Lawlessness during the time he is ruling in the Temple as god !

    so, while the "wheat" is together with the "weeds" , only the wheat is under the tribulation , and the weeds are the oppressors !

    try to understand this

  • Vachi 8 He Is
    Vachi 8 He Is

    "There have always been terrible earthquakes, volcano eruptions, wars, disease outbreaks, starvation, you name it, it's happened before."

    Interesting.....but the first two has nothing to do with man being on jerkovahs side or Satans. And war? Doesn't always mean grand scale lost of life. You and I can be at war over something as simple as what video game system to play or who will get the last piece of cake. All war is, in it's base form, is a clash of ideas. Think about it, action movie for example: Guy goes in a robs a bank, tells everyone to hit the floor and they do so. It isn't until the hero of the story (or to a lesser extent the local police department) comes when the robbers starts whacking people. If the police and Ah-nald didn't get in their way the hostages would likely have gone unharmed. Disease outbreaks? I gotta lay that box on gods doorstep as he was the one who removed perfection from us. And even if you say it was Adams fault, jesus supposedly died FOR OUR SINS past, present and future. Sin came instantly after the fruit was ate therefore the moment JCs heart stopped beating it should've removed sin from this world. Starvation is a "people in power vs. those without power" issue, one that could be eliminated seeing how god has this ultimate plan, but still refuses to put into action. He's like Cohaagen in Total Recall or something. "Give dah people air..." "Noooooooooo!!" *runs and hides under a table*

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