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  • inbetween

    there are a lot of thread s and arguments around the 587/607 issue, it can be a bit confusing, and for those of us still in, like me, to help others, it would not be a topic I would choose first. It was something I found out, after I awakened, before I simply brushed it aside, as something like worldly chronology against biblical chronology. IMHO to be ready for this issue, you have to be awake first, unless you are a real history buff..

    anyway, there may be another take on this matter:

    lets say, JW are right, the kingdom was erected in heaven in 1914. What was the proof for it ? The only proof, witnesses have, is the composite sign in Matthew 24, Luke 21, Mark 13...the explanation in connection with Revelation 12: Satan was thrown down from heaven, and caused trouble for humans, starting WW1 and all followoing developments, deseases (spanish Flu), etc...

    So think about it: The only "proof" besides the wacky chronology, for the last days are signs, which are caused by the devil...hmmm....

    So the fulfillment of divine prophecies were depending on Satan. So satan, surely at least as smart as Miller/Russel/ modern JW, must have been able to calculate his time of being thrown out from heaven. Since he didnt want to spoil the game, he just waits until that year, and then goes ahead, since he knows now he has a short time (he didnt realize this 1913 or earlier for some reason, maybe he lost his calendar ?) and he starts WW1 and all the bad things, that signify the last days. He apparently was happy to fulfill exactly the prophecy.

    If the big issue is really beween Gods woshipper (JW, or Bibel students at this time) and the Devil, then one could at least expect from the Devil to start the troubles earlier or later than 1914, just to make sure, the prophecy fails...

    Actually thinking about it, Revelation 12 refutes the idea of being able to calculate the begin of the Messianic reign, since only when the Devil is thrown out, he knows, he has a short time. This only works, if it really surprised him....

    just some ideas.....

  • TheOldHippie

    I think an argument against your line of thought would be that God is almighty, he is more powerful than Satan and can therefore restrict him, change his plans or intervene in them in such a way that his schemes or plans in fact end up following God's original plans. God intervened and made Balaam's planned denunciations of the Israelites be turned into blessings. Thus satan's planned actions for 1912 or 1916 could be hastened or prolonged into taking effect in 1914. That would be an argument against your sinister and wicked ideas

  • designs

    You see divine characters in the Bible don't always know things........

    Its weird I know but...

  • inbetween

    TOH: the example of Balaam is a bit different. Jehovah turned a curse into a blessing, but with your argument, he would just move the curse around to fit his prophecy.

    That might be fine but there are a few problems:

    1) It would jehovah at least give an important part in one of the worst things that happen to mankind. This does not hamonize with james 1, where is says, nothing bad can come from God .

    2) What if Satan says, well I know you are waiting for the big trouble, but I am not going to do anything, so your follower will have no sign for the kingdom being here, nobody will listen to them, and much more people will burn at Harmagedon (thats what he wants right ?) wham, this way Satan can cause a dilemma: Either God has to start the trouble , or the prophecy fails...

  • wobble

    Interesting thoughts ! 1914 is impossible to prove from the Bible.

    I asked an Elder to show me in Daniel where we start from,to get to 1914, he perused the prophecy and had to admit, it just is NOT THERE !

    The fulfilment of the "seven times" is given at the end of the chapter, job done.

    So, no messing with start dates, from the Bible we do not have 2520 years.

    1914 was a year that changed the World, just as 9/11 changed the World, neither were foretold in the Bible.

  • TheOldHippie

    Interesting, inbetween. Next argument would be that God is not CAUSING it to happen, but KNOWS it is going to happen, and allows Satan to do it. But as you say, that gives Him a role in it. But, this damned free will of course is there and so each and every one has the chance of NOT following Satan. No. 2 I think is impossible, because Satan is bent upon havoc and not clever scheming like that one. On the other hand, he is clever enough at other times, according to the Scriptures. I feel sorry for the old prophet in old Israel who was told not to return the same way he had come, but then the other prophet tricked him to come home to him for a snack and he told him an angel from God had told him to invite the other one. And during the snack, God condemns the poor prophet. Goes hand in hand with NT warnings that even if a message comes from an angel, do not heed.

    Inbetween - religion, and Christianity, as a tricky and risky business! Makes me, as often, wish I was far more ignorant than I (presumably) am, as I would then not have to ask myself and try to resolve all these questions!

  • inbetween

    TOH - so true, what you say, its really easier to be ignorant.

    btw, interesting connection between the poor prophet, and the warning in Galatians 1:8

    and then think about the advice: Follow the FDS, no matter what !!!! This makes me really upset....

    anyway, back to 1914: Will be interesting , if it still will be highlighted that much, when 100 year anniversary comes, or will it be replaced ? maybe great tribulation already started invisibly ? or something like that ? Time will tell....its only 4 more years to go...

  • ProdigalSon

    1914 is nowhere in the Bible, but it was definitely in the pyramid at Giza. Chuckie Russell knew there was something about the pyramid that was beyond human capability. It seems the "event" along the timeline there signified the Christ Consciousness returning to the earth plane. The Illuminati knew it was coming, and Chuckie Russell was Illuminati. In other words, make a false religion based on the truth of an "invisible presence"!! Those sly bastards at the very top of the Tower know a LOT more than we think they do. and I'm not necessarily talking about the GB. The Khazarian Satanists that run the Borg behind the scenes are not even listed as members.

  • Soldier77

    To use WW1 and anything else of that time does not make any sense to me. Anyone that paid half attention to their world history in grade school would have know that there have been worse periods before this. There have always been terrible earthquakes, volcano eruptions, wars, disease outbreaks, starvation, you name it, it's happened before.

    It's like saying, "well Mars is the closest to earth and X happened, that must be a sign of the apocalypse!"

  • cyberjesus

    in between, good point. this makes me think. .. so inheaven nobody knew when was the time of the end coming. not even satan. but on earth miller and russel knew. so all that satan had to do was to read one of russel's books to find out. satan really is really stupid he heard jesus speak about the generations but he himself couldnt figure it out. he was suddenly sent back to his corner, he is upset not because he has short time but because he is such an idiot, including his idiotic gang of demons. out of so many years living in heaven he really only has 140 years left on earth to distract humans, ha that's ridiculous.

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