NY Town Considering 'Do Not Knock' List

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  • ziddina

    "While whole towns do not have the right to legally bar door to door visitors, householders or residents are free to place signage or request that people not visit them at their door. Remember that this right is intertwined in this country with freedom of speech, which many want to use for themselves but sometimes do not want to give to others who they do not agree with..."

    Man, I can just hear the hen clucking now...

    I'd circulate a sign-up sheet and get EVERYONE in town to sign it. The town 'may not' have the right to legally bar door-to-door work - and that JW statement is a bit 'iffy' - there may be legal ways around that - but if the ENTIRE TOWN signs up for "Do Not Call", that should send a very loud and clear message to the self-righteous busybodies out early - or even not-so-early - on weekends, seeking converts...

    Interesting that What-A-Coincidence mentioned a poster's experiences in a college town... Someone posted an article within the last two weeks on the tendency of cults to target college students because of their heightened vulnerability... I know that the JWs don't call in THIS neighborhood - a 'bedroom community' with a fairly active Homeowners' Association - AT ALL, anymore...

    Wonder how things are in the nearby college towns???


  • ziddina


    These three get my "thumbs up"...

    (I'm going to have to change my opinion of the term "Pagan", after reading the second poster's technique... )

    dolemite July 28, 2010 2:25 PM Moderate | Flag for review

    I'm about to put a note on my front door that says "Dear nice Jehovas Witnesses,

    I'm sorry, I appreciate your persistance, but we simply aren't interested. You seem like nice people, but we aren't in the market for a new religion. Thanks."

    Seriously, they've been by like 5x in the past 1.5 months. I guess I'm too nice.

    Reply 5 replies Conformist138 July 29, 2010 3:32 AM Moderate | Flag for review

    It took my parents over 5 years to get religious people to stop converting us when I lived with them. They were too nice.

    It took me and my roommates 2 visits to make them stop. The second time we just threw the door open, bellowed "We are pagan in this house!" and then closed the door before the shock wore off their faces. Problem solved.

    It seems to have worked so well, in fact, that I never gotten another religion peddler at my door again, even after moving.

    Reply marsneedsrabbits July 28, 2010 6:41 PM Moderate | Flag for review

    We made a nice little sign which said something to the effect of "Knocking on this door for the purpose of proselytizing entitles homeowner to your everlasting soul. Continue at your own risk".

    It stopped door-to-door religious inquiries entirely in short order. The newspaper subscribing guys stopped showing up as well. I guess they didn't want to take the chance.

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