Evolution Saves The Gulf

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  • metatron

    Oh, My God! A massive oil spill! It's the End! We're all doomed! The oceans will die! Worse and worse! Doom and Gloom!


    Hey, where'd the oil go? Them microbes got it. Evolution strikes again and delays Armageddon.

    metatron (OK, technically you could call it microevolution if you're a creation-type. And I don't mean to minimize the trouble facing folks in Louisiana - Laissez Le Bon Temp Roulez)

  • DaCheech

    you mean what they said at the kingdom hall about it causing the "armagheddon" aint true?

  • leavingwt

    This sounds encouraging.

  • leavingwt
    Scientists have found signs of an oil-and-dispersant mix under the shells of tiny blue crab larvae in the Gulf of Mexico, the first clear indication that the unprecedented use of dispersants in the BP oil spill has broken up the oil into toxic droplets so tiny that they can easily enter the foodchain.
    Marine biologists started finding orange blobs under the translucent shells of crab larvae in May, and have continued to find them "in almost all" of the larvae they collect, all the way from Grand Isle, Louisiana, to Pensacola, Fla. -- more than 300 miles of coastline -- said Harriet Perry, a biologist with the University of Southern Mississippi's Gulf Coast Research Laboratory.
    And now, a team of researchers from Tulane University using infrared spectrometry to determine the chemical makeup of the blobs has detected the signature for Corexit, the dispersant BP used so widely in the Deepwater Horizon


  • WTWizard

    What happens to oil spills that are results of volcanoes or earthquakes that disrupt pools of oil under the sea? Certainly, those can and do happen--along with a certain amount of oil that always seeps from the sea bed. It's the attempts to sweep the problem under the rug, not the oil itself, that is going to do the most damage.

    And, this isn't the first time the witlesses have used things like this to forecast Armageddon. They did it way back in both world wars, the nuclear threat in the late 1940s and 1950s, the Little Depression (as the one in the 1930s will soon come to be known as), and the oil crisis of 1973. And, when the Super Great Depression of the 2010s-20?0s hits, I am sure the witlesses will use that to predict Armageddon as imminent, too.

  • jwfacts

    It annoys me that every natural or financial disaster is predicted as a precursor for Armageddon. The worst that happens is that human lifestyles will change. But that is just a natural part of life. Human life now is significantly different than it was 500 years ago, and it will take a lot more than tsunamis, earthquakes and oil spills to take humans back to the poor living conditions of earlier human history.

  • leavingwt

    EPA Whistleblower: "We've now poisoned thousands of square miles of the Gulf."


  • BurnTheShips
    Hey, where'd the oil go? Them microbes got it. Evolution strikes again and delays Armageddon.

    The microbes got the Martians in War of the Worlds, too.

    There was a scientific study in 2000 which showed that natural oil seeps on the bottom of the Gulf release the equivalent of two Exxon Valdez oil spills every year.


    The microbes break it down. We never notice it's there.


  • TweetieBird

    I don't care if it was aliens, evolution or man...as someone who lives on the Gulf Coast (the prettiest part IMHO) I am thankful that the beach here has suffered minimal damage. This is a huge tourist spot and so many of my friends livelihood depend on people visiting our beaches so I'm glad that microbes are taking care of the oil.

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog

    Lets get this straight. Bacteria eat oil, and evolve into....? Bacteria turn into bacteria, that's what bacteria do.

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