New report on global warming. 10 indicators tell the same story.

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  • bohm

    "The rest of the solar system is warming"

    Can we PLEASE stop using this?

    First off, the solar system contain about 100 larger bodies. We are observing warming on some of them (5-6, iirc), and cooling on others, for example Uranus and (you would think this meant something for this argument but apparently this is irrelevant) THE SUN.

    Now, as anyone with basic knowledge knowledge of astronomy would know, the planets in post-earth orbit has quite long years, for example Neptune which has a year of about 150 earth-years. Considering we have only been observing the weather on neptune for about 50 years, what we have discovered is that there is such a thing as seasons on other planets besides earth, and some seasons are hotter than other.

    This basically leave us with Mars, and i would invite those to post what data they base their conclusions on. If they are using Fentons study from 1999 titled:

    Global warming and climate forcing by recent albedo changes on Mars

    They should first consider what that title mean, and secondly how much data Fenton is basing his analysis on.

  • jwfacts

    I should not have made light of this thread. That is a very insightful article with a number of collaborative measures that do should significant change over the last 50 years.

  • Psychotic Parrot
    Psychotic Parrot

    I don't deny climate change, like a lot of wackos do. I just don't a give a shit about it. It'll probably solve the overpopulation problem anyway.

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