What parts of the BIBLE seem like GREEK MYTHOLOGY and stories to you?

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  • JWoods

    The book of revelation -

  • cyberjesus

    what about the talking donkey?

  • Leolaia

    There also is a historical connection between the folklore and stories of the Levant and Greek mythology. There was influence in both directions: Mycenaean Greeks and other allied sea peoples settled the ancient land of Palestine (such as the Philistines and possibly the tribe that would later become the Israelite tribe of Dan) and Phoenicians spread westward into Greek territories (introducing them to the alphabet, among other things, cf. the myth of Cadmus, whose name is probably Semitic). One could for instance compare the Greek god Adonis with antecedents in the Levant.

    We therefore have likely areas of contact in the OT. The references to Yahweh battling with the monsters Leviathan and Yam is parallel to the Ugaritic myths of Baal battling the dragons Lotan as well as Yammu at Mount Zaphon/Hazzi and Greek myths of Zeus battling Typhon at Mount Casius (Mount Aqraa, located in Syria, the same mountain as Zaphon/Hazzi) and Heracles slaying the dragon Ladon. The biblical allusions to the hoary figure of Danel who could not save neither son nor daughter is probably an allusion to the Canaanite legend of Danel and Aqhat known at Ugarit, paralleled in part by the Greek myth of Actaeon. The stories of Heracles and other heroes (such as Nisos, whose hair gave him strength) bear some similarity with biblical stories of Samson (bear in mind too that Samson is a member of the tribe of Dan). One problem is that the Greek stories were written much later than the time when this early contact between Israelites and Philistines and other Greeks occurred, and there are more general folkloric themes that may independently occur without contact.

    Also there is much later contact between Jews and Greeks in the Hellenistic era, and native Levantine gods were regularly identified with Greek deities (as can be found in Philo of Byblos' work, for instance). The writings found in Enochic (Essene) Judaism are thought to reflect Greek ideas (such as Greek mythic geography, e.g. the notion of a far-off Paradise at the ends of the world assimilated to ideas of the Elysian Fields in Josephus). The Hebrew underworld of Sheol was identified with that of Hades, and so for instance we have stories in parabiblical texts like the postmortem Adam washing in the river Acheron (found in the Greek Life of Adam of Eve). The Enochic mythology of the descent of the Watchers is also assimilated to the legend of the Titans in the NT, where "Tartarus" is directly borrowed as a term referring to the gloomy place where the angels are imprisoned.

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    eve eating the fruit...pandora

  • Elgiard

    The bible parts.

  • jaguarbass

    If you want to read something into what the bible is about based on the oldest text known to man, the Summerian

    text, I recommend reading "Slave Species of God" by Michael Tillinger, based on the works of Zechariah Sitchin.

    Tillinger and Sitchin give a very good explanation to what is going on here on earth.

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    BOHM beat me to it... Samson the WHOLE STORY IS RIDICULOUS!!!!

    Immaculate conception. OMG LOL PLEASE!!!!!!

    Mary: Joe..... we need to talk.

    Joesph: Sure Hun... what's up?

    Mary: I'm late..

    Joesph: What do you mea......... ohhhhhhhhhhh.


    Joesph: Let me think....... ok .....no ... wait .... GOT IT!! This Angel came around and told us this........

    Mary: People will think we are crazy Joesph!!

    Joesph: Wrong these are simple people you know Idiots.. I mean Babe look around, what's the worst that could happen. What our kid grows up and they find out, what then, Crucify him??? Don't make me laugh.

  • dgp

    Killing a fig tree for having no fruit when it is not the season for fruit.


    I think that the story of the battle of Gabaon. Kind of the Illiad.

  • loosie

    lots daughters having sex with him.

    anililating a whole group of people and then offering up their forskins up to god.

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    The Sun staying out all day and night so the Good Guys can kill the Bad Guys.

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