The pieces finally come together

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  • man in black
    man in black

    This afternoon I got a letter stating that I was accepted to accompany a WW 2 veteran on a flight to Washington DC to visit the WW2 memorial in September.

    I also was called to check up on the health of several horses that some friends of my wife adopted, they are very underweight Belgians, and these

    new owners want to make sure that they are taken care of. ( I am a registered volunteer humane investigator with the state of Illinois)

    I also took the day off work as a vacation day to have my dog visit, and do physical therapy at the hospital (we do this also as volunteers,,, well my dog does all the work. She is an Australian Shepard they always needs a job to do )

    She played catch for two hours with several people who were either elderly, or who had a stroke.

    I feel that this is something that is very, worthwhile, and sometimes very emotional , esp. when a stroke victim who is depressed actually

    smiles at me and makes a real effort to throw the tennis ball for May. It was a heck of a lot of effort actually getting her to become a certified dog here in Illinois. certifications, vet. exams, shots,,,, I actually had to be interviewed, get a background check, and several medical tests.

    Today she worked with 4 people, and everyone of them wholeheartedly enjoyed their sessions.

    On the way home I went past my old kingdom hall, and the service groups were finishing up their afternoon going door to door.

    It struck me how different my life has become, I am doing things that 2 - 3 years ago I would never have even considered doing, and how much more challenging, and meaningful life has become to me.

    I can HELP people in actual helpful ways without having to mindlessly push the beliefs and doctrines of the wtbts at every available chance on them.

    And yet going by, I saw many of the same people I have known for 20 to 30 years getting out of their cars with a degraded, worn down look on their faces after being in service ( it also may have been partially from the heat).

    Have any of you had an experience like this ,,, a time when the "broken" pieces of your once jw life come together to reflect a new improved version of yourself that suddenly might have really surprise you ?

  • Soldier77

    I can't say I have had an experience like that, but I do appreciate the sharing of your revelation. Made me smile!

  • wasblind

    My moment came when i got to see the smile on my childs face,

    when they accepted an achievement award from the Deans office at college.

  • NomadSoul

    Yeah, me too, I like dog stories.

    I've had a similar experience but at my job. I'll post it later. Getting off work.

  • Quentin

    Yes...when, at 42, I went to college. One of the most satisfying thing I did....thanks for sharing Man in Black....

  • wantstoleave

    Aw thanks for sharing that! Your life sounds very fulfilling and happy, well done .

    I haven't had any moments like that yet, but within myself, I feel happier. Although I've not openly come out with my decision to leave, I think mentally I am almost there. I have accepted I am not a witness anymore and I feel a sense of freedom I've never known. Each day I drive past the KH en-route to wherever, I can't help but feel pity for them, yet I accept it's their life and I respect that. My children still pipe up 'there's the KH mummy' and that bothers I will get past that.

  • jamiebowers


    when I fell in love with my husband and realized that on his worst day he's a better man than my jw exhusband and my jw stepfather ever will be on their best day.

    when I graduated from college with honors.

    everytime I see my kids and grandkids wanting to be with us.

  • exwhyzee

    Sometimes the best "revenge" ( if you want to call it that ).....Is Living Well.

    My wife is from a large family, two sisters left the Org. as soon as they turned 18. and have been shunned for the last 30 years. Both are highly succesful college grads. One is a marketing exec. for a high profile nautical co. and lives in a beautiful area of the country. The other owns a thriving business in a very fun industry and has many employees. She is regularly featured in the media for her contributions to her community and her industry. Her children are all in Universities on various full ride scholarships and are into all kinds of interesting activities. On the other hand the rest of her talented, bright and smart JW siblings are happy enough, but are in dead end occupations and pioneering and all of ttheir kids got married right out of highschool. One of her brothers is in Bethel and now that he's been there so long I worry that he won't have anything to fall back on should he ever choose to leave due to age or illness and be in need of retirement funds.

    As for me...I feel like something good is in the wind. Your story makes me feel that way even more. Thanks !

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Thank you for sharing your experiences, it gives me hope that one day I will find MY own niche in life that makes a difference .

    For so long I was taught it was wrong to have dreams and passion for anything other than the Witness work and lifestyle. I really don't know what I have a passion for . The past couple of years I have just focused so much energy on fading with my immediate family intact that I really have not concentrated on much of anything else . I am proud and grateful to have an open, loving, accepting relationship with my own kids .

    I do believe it is the right time now though to begin searching for something meaningful to be active for . What that is just isn't clear yet ...

  • Thetis

    Only yesterday, I mentioned to my Mom that for the first time in my life, I feel I have the freedom to choose my friends - especially those ardent animal lovers who selflessly give of their time to assist. This makes me happy! I have always preferred animals to humans - growing up JW, this shouldn't be surprising. Instead of waiting for that elusive new system, I can now do my part for animals and not just turn a blind eye to all the suffering.

    Your dog sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing.

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