Volunteer Injured While Working On A Kingdom Hall Construction Site

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  • Bangalore
  • wasblind

    question: will the WTS foot his medical bills?

    Is the WTS required to follow the same safety guidlines and laws that every other business does?

    Or will they be exempt from any liabilty because the man was a volunteer?

  • Soldier77

    I believe the medical part of it he is on his own because he is a "volunteer" aka "free labor slave".

    Any construction done is held to state/county building regulations as well as standard building code nationally. OSHA also comes into play. It doesn't matter that the org is using minions to complete their work, they have to follow "Caeser"s law when building.

  • designs

    The Society will try and dodge the medical claim but the person should file a claim against the KH, they carry a Liability policy.

  • wasblind

    I got a feeling that after he's been shitted by the WTS, he'll be tellin' us his story here on the board. Give it time.

  • darthfader

    This happened to someone I know, the local congregations paid for the medical expenses, but he lost a lot of work and had financial problems for a while. He was not allowed to persue any other financial conpensation. He and some other "brothers" were moving some large equipment off a truck in a storage facility which fell on him. This was something they should have been using a forklift for. It was clearly an act of "cheapness" as they didnt want to pay for the appropriate tools to get the job done. Im sure he could have sued and gotten a judgement, but he would have been DF'd -- for sure.

  • undercover

    Feel for the guy.... though this is good fodder for impalement jokes...

    Be interesting to see how the expenses are handled. Surely the congregation or the RBC has some kind of insurance to cover this. I would think that it's required. The problem is the lost income later...

  • snowbird

    The impalement thing caught my attention, too, but this is no time for levity.

    I'm so sorry.


  • hoser

    The provincial govt pays the hospital bill. It's free for the injured man. The bigger problem will be who makes this guy's house and car payments for the next three months?

  • slimboyfat

    I heard of a case like this in Germany, where a brother was injured at quick build, and was put under a great deal of pressure by fellow Witnesses not to claim damages. But he could not work, and had to think of his family, so he claimed compensation. I don't know what the result was. Did anyone else hear about that, or similar cases?

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