Do they still have that sky blue book on Creation vs Evolution?

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  • NomadSoul

    I just thought of that from reading another tread. I remember we were studying that book the same time they were teaching the theory of evolution in my Biology class. I need to get that book just to bring back memories. That book sparked some serious doubts. It actually got me more interested in paying attention to the class. And actually saw how they were misinterpreting a lot of information.

    But of course that didn't lead to a revolutionary thinking, but it made me wonder a lot of things during the book study. Evolution made sense in some aspects vs the Bible. For example I used to ask myself: When God created Adam & Eve they were in the paradise. Now didn't they just eat fruits, vegetables, etc... Wasn't it later that God allowe man to eat meat? That's how I understood it from the perspective of the Bible.

    If God originally created man to be vegetarians why do we have Canine teeth?

    When God was desiging us as perfect, why would he design us to eat plants? Why didn't he just make us like the plants where we could survive on photosynthesis which is the best, by far, energy system in our natural world?

    How about the Dinosaurs? And the list goes on.....

    Now of course I wasn't ready to consider the theory of evolution, but those questions lingered and I answered it by saying God works in different ways, and he probably modified our genes after Adam & Eve sinned. But year later I came to think, wouldn't that be cheating? lol Specially after that explanation of why God let the Devil live, because his angels were watching and he didn't want the Angels to ponder...but then he would turn around and cheat? lol

    Now, I'm not saying that evolution is the answer. Nobody really knows our origins. But it makes sense to me. Until more evidence comes to light.

    I feel good about being born in this time in man's history where a lot of discoveries of the cosmos have been made. Although I wouldn't have mind being born in 100 years, lol

  • pirata

    Yes, it's one of the few "older publications" still in print.

  • pirata

    It always bugs me now when they use the argument "the chance of this happening is 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000... to mathematicians that means it's impossible". They conveniently forget that if there are 1,000,000,000,000,000 things doing something, then one of them is pretty much guaranteed to do it.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I believe I have seen it in softcover, meaning it was reprinted since they ditched the hardcover printing.

    Check out this thread about that book:

  • frigginconfused

    Evolution is true except for man. He is a unique creation.

    God put the forces in motion for evolution to take place. So the most accurate way of saying it is... Gods creations evolved.

  • unshackled

    Think I was about 13 when we studied that Creation book. Just like you Nomad it only raised questions in my head but was afraid to mention them.

    Example - the book would say how the planet earth is in just the perfect position for life to exist - how can this happen by chance? I thought to myself "well, in the previous chapter it talked about how vast the universe is, with trillions upon trillions of stars, planets, etc. It only makes sense that odds would be plenty of planets would be in the perfect position for life." Fast forward 20 years or so and I read The God Delusion and learned that this is called the Anthropic Principle. Cool to have my 13-yr-old thoughts confirmed.

    By the way, evolution is very much a fact. If you want to read the overwhelming evidence I suggest Greatest Show on Earth by Richard Dawkins. But don't confuse evolution with the origin of life. It only explains how the diversity of life on this planet came about, evolution by natural selection. No one knows the actual origin of life...or the big why are we here question. Or as Stephen Hawking put it "why is there something instead of nothing?"

    If someone tells you they know those answers, the next thing out of their mouth will be "join my church, please give money." Nobody knows, but some do jump to extravagant conclusions without any evidence.

  • NomadSoul

    Pirata, you are right, .000000000000000001 % in this vast universe is still a pretty large number.

    Frigginconfused, if we take your approach then that leads us to the question who created God? Now if God has always been why not just say then that the universe always existed and there's actually no need to explain our existance or the existance of a god?

    Unshackled, thanks for the recommendation. Also thanks for reminding me about that! I can't believe I didn't remember that, the argument that the Earth was in a perfect position from the sun. The book mentioned that if it was more than 5% closer or away from the Sun that life could not survive. At first I was like yeah, that's proof! Then I started thinking, wait a minute, that is 10%. In a vast universe that is a pretty good number. The next step I did was find out how far the Earth is from the Sun. I forgot what number I used so I'll use the average which is 93 million miles:

    93,000,000 miles x 5% = 4,650,000 miles. That is a large number there! So I went even further. How many Earths could fit in that space?

    4,650,000 / 8,000 miles (Diameter of the Earth) = 581.25 That is 581 Earths that could fit in that 5% !!! 1162 Earths on 10%!!!

    When I went home to work the math out I really really wanted to say something but I was 14 at that age just like you! Glad to hear from someone that went through the same situation!

  • designs

    I'll sell you mine for the original asking price $.25

  • NomadSoul

    hahaha. Plus 19.99 shipping and handling. I'm going to walk in the Kingdom Hall and find it in the library, when the brother asks me what I'm doing. I'm just going to say just wanted to look at the book that started it all, lol

    That, and that prophecies of Isiah, lol

  • designs

    Oh geeez the Isaiah the nightmares will start again

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