When you are debating with a Witness...

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  • leavingwt
    I try to bring up the DF'ing and Worldy Association doctrines with my mother. Deep down I know she hates both policies and chalks them up to "imperect men."

    Name some "worldly" people that she has great affection for, and ask her why Jehovah is going to soon destroy them and their kids.

    Regarding DF'ing, ask her what purpose it serves to DF an unmarried woman who accidentally gets pregnant. What support group does this leave for the young lady who will soon be a single mother with tons of guilt, etc?

  • FreeAtLast1914

    ... you quickly realize you need aspirin.

  • BANE

    But yet ALL of you STILL come here and debate Jehovah´s witness teachings...Don´t you find it IRONIC that the very thing Sabastious is complaining about he does EVERY single time he comes here?

    You don´t want to debate with witnesses but then you talk about them every day...LOL

  • designs

    Its our therapy and decompression Bane. Many of us were roped into the religion by parents etc. and spent 40-50 years doing something that wasn't true to our authentic selves.

    Now we get to play

  • peacedog

    "ALL"? "EVERY"? You know bane, black-and-white thinking is a trademark of cults....

  • Heaven

    So I said to my Dad the other day...

    "Jehovah's Witnesses have never been able to answer my questions."

    He replies kinda snarky "That's because you don't accept the answers."

    I say "No. They can't answer me. Here's an example. Why do the animals suffer and die? I mean, I know what the Bible says about humans but why does everything else in nature have to suffer and die. What did they do to piss off the Holy Spirit?"

    He replied "I don't know."

    I rest my case.

  • undercover

    If someone wants to believe something, then no amount of evidence contrary to that belief is going to make an immediate dent. They WANT to believe. They are not receptive to anything said contrary to what they WANT to believe.

    Once they have doubts or question something on their own, they are then more open to facts and evidence. Up until then though, it's pretty much a waste of time to 'debate' doctrine. Dropping hints or making observations that create paradoxes or conundrums is probably your best bet.

  • wobble

    The fun thing to watch for if you want to "debate" them, debate in quotes because they are incapable of true debate, is the number of straw man arguments and then things like Ad Hominem attacks they go for, every fallacious way of discussion or argumentation is brought in to play.

    The most common is to simply move on to a new point whilst ignoring what you have just said ,though it may have destroyed one of their HUGE doctrines, you just know they have not taken on board what you said, and haven't realised what just happened.

    It is as many have said above, a waste of time, can be fun though, and you never know, something may stick.

  • GLTirebiter
    It is as many have said above, a waste of time, can be fun though, and you never know, something may stick.

    It may not stick with your opponent, but when the argument is on this forum many lurkers read it, too. Speak with the wider audience in mind, not just the active participants. Stay with sensible reasoning, stay on topic, and be as civil as possible; resist the lure of flame-bait.

    (note to self: follow own advice! )

  • littlebird

    Hey leaving, I want that book for christmas, lol!

    I try not to debate with my husband, because anything I say becomes, "satan persecuting him" He talks over you, so theres no point. I really want to yell at him tonight. I was gone and my son told me that he couldn't find his briefcase, so he went ranting that I had hid it from him and called his bible study to tell him satan was trying to keep him from learning the truth. Geez. I don't know whether to confront him or just save my money and leave. Gosh, I hope I wasnt that paranoid when I was in that cult.

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