A journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step....

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  • jamiebowers
    But the nice thing is that you can be an addicted, alcoholic, sex crazed prostitute if that feels right for you.

    That was funny!

  • Gregor

    For some, the JW toll booth at the beggining of the journey discourages them from that first step. For some it is a measly 25 cents. For others it is all they have.

  • Chalam

    QuestioningEverything We both feel as if a huge 20 ton boulder has been lifted off of our shoulders.

    Indeed :) Great post all round!

    We do not attend another church and have become agnostic. We respect other's beliefs but we are done with organized religion. We would like to visit some other churches just to see what they are like.

    For sure, check out a church or two. I am sure you will find them totally different to the picture the WT painted of them :)



  • QuestioningEverything

    thanks everyone for the comments. I sincerely hope that newbie's or lurkers can read what I wrote and see that life can be so much better. It may take time to work through all of the issue's that result from being a JW but it can be done. I am Living proof of that.

  • yesidid


    You've done very, very well in just two years.


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