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  • AuntBee

    I thought i might have been placed on the do not call list, but apparently, it was just one pesron that chose not to stop at my house her last time down our street. I was surprised more came this close to the last visit! (they need to work on their territories/organization, lest people really become annoyed and feel harrassed with 2 visits in a row.)

    Anyhoo, it was 2 older ladies, in their seventies. The one was clearly the leader. First off, she hits me with the divine name. I made a few points like God has various names in the bible, and why did the WT put it in NWT when it is none of the over 5,000 Greek manuscripts. She claimed it was. whatever. yawn. But she moved on to other topics quickly. Read me a verse from Isaiah.

    I inquire about the latest definition for "generation" given at the convention, and were they aware of the previous 6? You will never believe what her answer was?.......NEW LIGHT! I replied that new light means you know more about something, not change it to something contradictory, etc. Mentioned the "new light" on immunizations and organ transplants, and we're talking here about issues that have killed people, so 'new light' doesn't do it for me. The leader lady was getting kind of mad, but the other lady looked really startled, and i knew she was hearing stuff she never heard before.

    Leader changes subject to JW being God's organization because they teach Biblical doctrines that no one else does. I said, oh yah, Jesus chose them in 1919, right? I mentioned just a few of the things they were teaching at that time, as well as what they really predicted for 1914. They denied it, and said where do you get this stuff? I said from your own history. She said no, i'm sure you get this from 'books' (The word "books" pronounced with a sneer). I said, well, yah, i know you'd be in trouble if you looked at 'contrary' information. She denied that outright. I said a lot of it is in the WT literature, would you like me to show you? She said no. I said, well come back ANY TIME, and i'll show you. ANd i was mostly looking at the other lady, who wasn't saying much.

    Then she handed me the latest WT, and said they had to go now.

    Oh, ps, also mentioned that WT literature said you'd be led astray into aspotate thinking if you studied the Bible without the "Channel." They said that's not true, offered to show them, they said no.

  • snowbird

    Tee hee hee.

    Here's hoping my little gung-ho JW daughter will soon run into someone like you.

    Good job!


  • AuntBee

    Thanks, although i think i would do one thing differently. Instead of asking them - would you like to see it in the literature, i'd say, excuse me for a second, and just bring it out without asking first. An ex-JW friend suggested i just bring it out.

  • asilentone

    good job

  • pr0ner

    Always funny how they want to run away really quick when they can't over think you.

  • cyberjesus

    I wish they visit me :=)

  • blondie

    It could be helpful to be prepared with original bound volumes or magazines with those statements right by the door if they are going to come so often. Maybe share some with your neighbors.

    I was hit with "miracle wheat" by someone at the door. It made me check the older publications. Then and now I didn't see a desire to defraud people, but it did show how naive some were.

    Whenever we encounter some bizarre idea from jw past, hubby and I look at each other and say Radio Biola.

  • moshe

    I have had that same scenario, too. Older JW lady- in before 1975 and a more recent convert who gets an oh-oh look on her face when the juicy, old WT stuff gets thrown into the arena. The older JW has always been defensive and they turn it around that it I am the problem they can't stay and talk as it has BECOME AN UNPRODUCTIVE CONVERSATION-


    The leader lady was getting kind of mad, but the other lady looked really startled, and i knew she was hearing stuff she never heard before.

    Then she handed me the latest WT, and said they had to go now......AuntBee

    Jehovah`s Witness`s knock on peoples doors..To tell them they are busy and have to leave..

    Why even bother?..

    .................. ...OUTLAW

  • BANE

    Um...Because those kind sisters donĀ“t discuss Biblical matters with apostates. THAT is why they left. Geez louise. If it were me I would argue with you until you turned blue.

    You would have been scripturized, desensitized, debunkified, and stupidified.

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