spent all day in service on saturday

by chickpea 14 Replies latest jw experiences

  • ziddina

    "Raffles" have to do with "Luck"...


    LOLOLOL!!! Good for you!!!

  • straightshooter

    Yes raffles are considered gambling and is a no, no. The account sure fooled me, where I thought that some poor soul was wasting their time in the jw field ministry for the whole day.

  • Hope4Others

    Had me going for a minute thinking you went back.....lol

  • streets76

    That's one thing JWs seldom observe within their ranks -- acts of kindness.

  • wantstoleave

    Well done Chickpea!!

    I first heard of PFLAG just days ago on a tv show here called 'Australian Story'. It was one couples story of discovering their son was gay and how they learned to embrace it over time. His mother heard about PFLAG in the US, and started it over here. She even marches in the parade for it and is very proud of her son. I was sitting watching it with my dad (devout JW) and inserted my views every now and then, in favour of gay rights etc. Dad was actually agreeing with me . Even though I was practically born in, I have never discriminated against gay/lesbian people because to me, they are people just like you and me . Thankfully my parents think the same way, so watching the story on tv with my dad was a nice experience.

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