spent all day in service on saturday

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  • chickpea

    the small town i live in (pop 1600) has a regular
    event every 5 years called "Homecoming" that
    beckons everyone smart enough to have escaped
    to come back and spend some money .... comes
    complete with all the rinky dink nonsense of a
    small town event: booths, parade, local HS show
    choir performance, yada yada, right?

    sooooo i am a VERY active board member in the
    local chapter of the national advocacy group
    PFLAG (P-FLAG): parents, family/friends of
    gays and lesbians (totally inclusive of the oft
    abandoned transgender commmunity)

    OUR booth happened to be almost directly across
    the street from a local café owned by.... yep, you
    guessed it .... a JW!!!! and as is the custom on this
    bay, in these small towns, all of which funnel their
    JW population to the one KH in the area, there
    was a swarm of JWs hanging out in front of his
    café to watch the parade.... incl the elduh who
    had conducted the BS that met at our home for
    a solid decade..... and his VERY pregnant wife
    and their 4 kids....

    i was sitting under an awning next to a gay
    ex-priest who became some sort of other
    denomination minister, the female lutheran
    minister who is the chapter leader for PFLAG
    and a retired real-estate agent who is one foot
    out of the closet, having recently moved in with
    her 80 year old partner (they grow 'em hardy here
    in the northwoods)... we were all quite animated
    and chatting up the crowd, hollering to the parade
    participants and generally engaged in cultivating
    awareness of our chapter and the activities we

    the JW contingent was sweating in the sun and
    basically giving us the stink eye... go figure

    we were raffling off a quilted wall hanging to raise
    a little $$$.... and not one of the JWs wandered
    over to say hi or buy a chance.... what is up with that??

    i get to turn in 11 hours for field service... as if any
    other "volunteer" group gives a rat's rear end about
    keeping track of that kind of nonsense..... all i know is,
    in spite of being pretty wiped out, i knew i had made a
    difference, a REAL difference in a community that surely
    has LGBTQ people hiding in fear, who might now know
    there is a group in their midst that works publicly to
    advance the cause of social justice and equal rights
    thru the PFLAG mission: support, education, advocacy!!!

    i joked with the chapter leader when i pointed out that
    this publicly "witnessed" activity might stir the ashes and
    actually call for "official" condemnation (as far as i can
    tell i have not been DF'd cos some still wanna chat) ....

    she asked me what i would do if the edluh called and
    i said i would ask him why he didnt buy a raffle ticket!!!!!

  • snowbird

    I'm scared of you, girlfriend!


  • fokyc

    I was very worried for a moment there! I thought it was all day on the 'kingdom service'.

    I hope there is no back lash from the JW's


    I spent all of Saturday giving a "non-witness" - looking after kids of Dubs - one parent was really ill - the other a pathetic excuse for the head of the house (doesn't work or look after the kids). The kids had a good time - no other JW that I know of has really done anything of much use - so it's left to the ex-JW's to do something good. There are JW's who could have helped - but they were busy counting their time.


  • wobble

    Well done Chickpea !

    Your good works just show up the Dubs lack, and deep in their sub-conscious they know it !

  • Soldier77

    I too thought that you wasted a day in FIELD service... whew, so happy for you that you are actually helping the community!

  • crapola

    Yeah, you had me scared there for a split second.

  • wasblind

    Talking about a raffle, i enjoy being able to take a chance at luck now

    especially buying a lotto ticket every now and then

  • gutted

    I had a wave of bad feelings reading the title of your post thinking back to those days full of service... boring driving around, constant "not insterested" responses, mind-numbing converage of the same territory time after time, approach work ugh...

    Cheers on helping your community instead.

  • chickpea

    i dont know what is scary about me, syl!

    i have to say, i am glad my son* wasnt there
    because their bald-faced contempt for him
    might have precipitated an ugly incident!!!

    (mebbe i AM scary after all!)

    someone pointed out to me that there might
    well be JWs who need to know there are
    organizations out there where they can find
    support as they come to grips with their
    divergent realities, within a cult of pharisitical
    hypocrites who will gladly remove the rafter
    from their eye only to beat their brother with it

    *my 17 YO son, the youngest of 4 kids,
    is an FtM (female to male) transgender
    boy and the catalyst for my break with
    the b0rg.... thank you thank you adrien!!!

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