My Star Trek weekend

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    leo - way to go girl

    beks - I've done that many times - love it all

    sebastious - I think that is what I love - have always loved about most stories

    I quit - yup. What can I say?

    It's the first time I have watched the whole 11 movies on DVD. Now I have to go back and watch all the special features. Yes I love special features

  • Mary

    We used to stay home quite a bit on Thursday nights from the Kingdumb Hell to watch Star Trek, as my father was a die-hard Trekkie, even back then!

    I loved TNG, never got into Voyager or Deep Space Nine (except the one titled Little Green Men where 3 Ferrengies go back in time to Roswell, NM in July 1947). Enterprise could have been an excellent 'connecting' series and some of the shows were very well done. However, others were boring, boring, boring and many of the characters were not very likeable. The only ones I really felt had any depth to their characters were Tripp and T'pal.

    Good news is that they're apparently making a sequel to the ST movie that came out last year!!

  • moshe

    I had high hope for the last Star Trek TV series, Enterprise, unfortunately it had only a few episodes that were any good. It would have been better , if each show could have been a stand alone feature- like the original or Outer Limits. The last Star Trek movie, I really enjoyed, though.


    Huge Trekker here. Love TOS. Eventually I will get TOS on BlueRay or whatever new disc tech comes out. Not so much a fan of TNG, though there are episodes that are very good. Never got into DS9, Voyager and Enterprise.

    There is a guy named James Cawley at that is doing the best work in the fan realm. Essentially, he is taking the original crew (with new actors and some originals) and moving into years 4 & 5 of the Enterprise's "five year mission." My favorite is the one with George Takai, called World Enough and Time. The last episode is the second of two-parts that was written by David Gerrold for TNG.

  • Finally-Free

    My ex was a huge trekkie and dragged me to a convention once. I'm more of a Babylon 5 fan. Last year I spent my vacation watching all five seasons on DVD.


  • StAnn

    This is kinda funny to me. I used to work second shift and never got to see a movie in the theatre. One night I was off work and went to see Nemesis. I like to see the credits at the ends of movies so I'm generally the last one out of the theatre. I sat near the back and all of these guys were going by me and smiling at me as I watched the credits. Then I realized I was the only female in the theatre! I was the most popular woman in town that night. It was actually rather funny.

    I do like Voyager best. Once annoying Kes left ("I'm only two....") and 7 of 9 joined, it was much more interesting.

    I like TNG but the first season was something to suffer through, imo. I was thrilled when Tasha Yar died. She was a nuisance.

    I generally give my husband a shoe box filled with Star Trek and Star Wars paperbacks for Christmas every year. I've already bought a few. He really likes them.

    Love LOTR. DH loved Battlestar Gallactica.

    Right now the only TV series I'm into is The Closer with Kyra Sedgwick.



  • Soldier77

    Well, I was gonna say something about you being a Star Trek fan, but I'm the same way for The Lord of The Rings so I can't! As in I've read every book from Tolkien about TLOTR.

    Glad you enjoyed your weekend Lee!

  • undercover

    I loved the original series. I never could really get into the other series. I liked some of the movies...and I enjoyed the reboot...but even it was missing something:

  • beksbks
    What's your favorite TNG story?

    I'm really going to have to search my data banks for that. I haven't watched any of them for years. I really enjoyed Q.

    So many books, movies, TV shows, so little time.

    Do you have something in mind?

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