My Star Trek weekend

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Well I didn't feel like going out in the heat so stayed home to watch all 11 Star Trek movies.

    I have loved Star Trek since the first series. It was one show my JW husband and I enjoyed.

    When the movies started coming out I saw them all and collected them on VHS. Now I have traded those in for DVDs.

    So I am Trekked out.

    I have been to a couple of Star Trek conventions - really weird to see people dressed up as Klingons

    Over the years I have loved all of the various series although I missed a lot of DS9 due to college and university and later work.

    I keep thinking what else could they come up with?

  • Dogpatch

    I personally knew one of the main directors of Star Trek-Next Gen.

    A near genius.

    His wife was a JW. Not anymore. :-))


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    shhhhh don't tell Randy I was not writing columns.

    I'll go do some work now.

    That's actually pretty cool Randy

  • beksbks

    DS9 and ............what was that new one? Enterprise? Are the only ones I did not get in to. Love that stuff.

    On a semi similar note, it's been a Lord of the Rings weekend for me. I watched all three extended version DVD's over the last two days.

  • Leolaia

    I went to the first ever Star Trek convention inside my mother's womb.

    I developed a phobia of Star Trek (TOS) as a young child, so frightened of Mr. Spock's ears. I was teased for that.

    Purchased in third grade the then-canon but now apocryphal Chronology. I loved it (as a history of the future), and on account of it, have refused to watch a single episode of Enterprise because of the inherent contradictions.

    I became a big fan of TOS in sixth grade. Read the James Blish novelizations. Got a crush on Walter Koenig. Read his autobiography and thought it was hilarious.

    Saw Wrath of Khan and loved it, but thought intially from the TV ads that it had "too much" special effects.

    Collected technical manuals in HS. I hanged out with the nerds on campus, played a Star Trek RPG a few times.

    Liked ST IV (the whales movie) a lot when it came out, but had to confront another phobia. :/

    Hated TNG when it came out, was so disappointed. Didn't start watching it again until midway through the third season. Loved it.

    Attended a bunch of Star Trek conventions. Got James Doohan pissed at me. (NO I NEVER WAS PATHETIC ENOUGH TO DON A ST UNIFORM)

    In 1993 and 1994 when I first read USENET, the Star Trek newsgroup was the first I began to frequent (along with the Barney one).

    In 1994 I downloaded an advance copy of the script of the movie Star Trek Generations and was so disappointed reading it, thought the movie was awful. Then I watched it and it surprised me by being better than I thought.

    Got bored with DS9's Palestinans-in-space plots.

    Got bored with Voyager. Stopped owning a TV and stopped watching Voyager altogether. Never watched Enterprise.

    Totally loved Galaxy Quest when it came out; what a great send-up it was. Liked First Contact but bugged by the changing of the backstory. Disliked Insurrection. Never saw Nemesis.

    Got dragged to the new Star Trek reboot. Okayish, liking it less in retrospect.

    That's my story. What a dorkette I am, huh?

  • sabastious

    I am a huge fan of the ethical dilemmas considered in all the shows and movies. It's actually great therapy.


  • sabastious
    That's my story. What a dorkette I am, huh?

    Damn you sure are! Cool that you seem so comfortable in your own skin.


  • beksbks

    Love ya Leo!!

    I am dorkette lite. Didn't get introduced to any of it until I left the JW's and met my first husband. Went to conventions. Met Jimmy!! But didn't make him mad.

    I loved TOS, just because it is what it is, but I think The Next Generation is just amazing. So much depth.

  • Leolaia
    Met Jimmy!! But didn't make him mad.

    Yay, bully for you! I think I got him on a bad day. I even have it recorded on tape. :(

    I always wanted to meet Koenig, so I am disappointed. I met Nichelle Nichols and Garrett Wang, and someone else I can't recall.

    I just saw the recent Priceline ad tonight and I had to laugh. Shatner with his bearded evil twin....cute.

    What's your favorite TNG story?

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    OMG Lady Lee, you're a Trekkie!

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