Hermit crabs and creation

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  • gringojj

    Hi guys its been a long time since I have posted.

    Anyway I was on vacation this past week at the beach and came across a hermit crab that had lost its shell. I started thinking about the creation and intelligent design theory and though what a horrible design if it was created. The hermit crab cannot survive without findind the shell of a dead snail to protect it.

    This also creates another creation problem. If god created the snail and the hermit crab at the same time, the first hermit crabs would have had to wait until a snail was dead before it could move into the shell. This would have left the crab exposed and it would be eaten very quickly.

    Does anyone else have any thoughts?

  • ziddina

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  • xelder

    The Hermit crab problem was actually the first....... 'organizational new lite from God'. Adam saw it's nakedness and went to find clothes too.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Both hermit crabs ran around naked until Mrs. Hermit Crab disobeyed Jehovie and ate a sea grape.

  • Scully

    So a lawyer gets on a plane in New Orleans with a big box of fresh, flash frozen crabs. He asks the lovely blonde stewardess to please stow the box of frozen crabs in a cold compartment so they don't thaw. He then proceeds to tell her that if they aren't still frozen when they land in New York, that she would find out just how nasty a lawyer he was.

    The stewardess reassures him that she will take excellent care of his cargo and wishes him a good flight.

    Just as the plane was making the approach to land, the stewardess makes the following announcement over the plane's PA system:

    Would the lawyer who gave me crabs in New Orleans please stand up?

    Of course, nobody stood up to claim the crabs, so the stewardess took them home and enjoyed them herself.

    Lesson #1: Not all blondes are as dumb as some folks think they are.

    Lesson #2: Not all lawyers are as smart as they think they are.

  • designs

    Who has crabs

  • Leolaia

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  • jaguarbass

    I'll give you my thoughts.

    Realize though I am in a state of flux. I dont know myself what I believe.

    I have been out of the tower since 83 and have read extensively trying to find the answers to the mystery of life.

    You have to decide what you want to believe.

    I cant decide because I read both sides of the issue, But I do lean towards God, their seems to be a better pay off, if I'm wrong.

    If there's no God then when were dead were dead. I'll put my 2% of uncertainty on God and call it faith.

    If you want to believe in evolution there are lots of voices arguing evolution on the internet, many of them I find illogical.

    If you want to believe in creation, go to the institute of creation research, and read what they have to offer.

    So, I am stating my bias, I am pro creation. But you have to have faith. The scales as I see them are 49/51, whichever way

    you want to go the 2% differentiial is the faith factor, whatever you want to believe in God or no god.

    My thought on the hermit crab from the creation part of my brain.

    Man and animals are in a fallen state, we die within 80 years.

    We were originally made to live forever. Sin put an end to that.

    I took anatomy and physiology in college, thats the study of the human body.

    Mans understanding of why we die before we reach 100, is called preprogramed cell death.

    That's from the secular college medical anatomy physiology books that every one who goes into medicine

    has to study.

    I call it sin. Preprogrammed connotates a designer, that would be God.

    I will suggest that when God made Adam and Eve in the paradise garden everything was perfect.

    When sin entered the picture things started deteriorating, deevolving and adapting to the new enviroment, sin.

    Once sin entered the picture creatures had to deevolve or as some scientist say evolve to become carrions

    and creatures that would decompose dead bodies.

    I would guess that the hermit crabs are a deevolutionary result of sin and were not the original creation of God.

    They are scavengers, they clean up the mess of dying organisms,

    The fact that they have to find a shell from a dead snail probably keeps their population in check, controlled or balanced.

    I also think everything is unfolding as God planned, so that we can all return home to him.

    I think sin was part of God's plan and design, call it an awakening.

  • darkuncle29

    If creatures were meant to last forever, why would they ever need to reproduce?

    Programmed cellular death is apoptosis?

    Why do cancer cells not undergo apoptosis?

    Why could a creator NOT use evolution to create life forms?

    Is there anything in nature that science recognizes as being permanent? Change is a built in part of the universal cycle -growth, decay; eating, pooping; ...

    If god created naked crabs, they may have been very nervous for a while.

    Decay: microorganisms break down dead forms to return the matter to the life cycle; compost is a good example. so is fermentation. think of it like thermodynamics, energy flows, never just "goes away".

    I think GOD TM does not exist, but I do think the universe is a conscious entity.

  • agonus

    I also think the universe is a conscious entity. I don't have any problem calling that "entity" God.

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