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  • nelly136

    bit weird cos the lady in the floral dress is the image of my nan.

  • mouthy

    No IQUIT!!! I cant remember the year..I can remember i took a woman ( my study) with me & her baby,
    we slept in a tent couldn't afford a hotel.There was my Melanie ( Now DEAD)Glennis a friend
    ( still in bondage) Voilet & her baby the one I had conned into studying with me ,also conned
    into coming with us. When I first pitched the tent .I put the cots up touching the sides of the tent.
    Of course it poured with rain ,& every thing in the tent got wet,,,, Then at 9 p.m when the session ended & we went to sleep
    all was dripping wet, but I being the Kind? loving? Jehovah's Witness that I was
    I gave her the only ones that was dry..But in the middle of the night the baby began to cry ,Vi said the only way
    she would stop would be to give her a bottle ,but it had to be warmed up ??????HOW?????

    So I went walking all through the camp site ,trying to find some one I know who would have camp stove
    Lots had them,,, I was too poor for any luxury like that I found a young couple "necking" with one .

    I explained my problem & they kindly heated it for me in water....Yes it was 9 days of pure "HELL"

    that at the time I thought would enable all of us walk into the Paradise Earth in 1975 ..They used to teach you
    could tell the intelligence of a person by the lumps on her head...I must have had thousand of lumps on mine

  • mouthy

    Forgot to add .The baby was asleep when I got back.

  • RebeccaChi

    Mouthy - your stories are so interesting! It seemed like all the tents were pretty much on top of each other. No privacy I'm sure. Assuming you heard people snoring, kids screaming, and etc . . . How did you all bathe and all that other stuff?! Sounds like pure torture!!!!!

  • RebeccaChi

    Oh . . . And you too Coffee! I cannot believe you had to sit for 8 straight days!!

  • Violia

    I recall the week long assemblies and the cafeteria and all that. The 8 day ones were before my time but my parents recall them. Talk about begn tired when you got home

  • dgp


  • mouthy

    Rebeccacha!!!! BATHE???? no such thing as a bathe...( unless you got baptised as many did...
    Once it thundered a lightning in Ottawa,Dark clouds came over during the session.
    It got really BLACK..we all started to get so happy!!!!!!THE END WAS COMING!!!!!!& WE WERE HERE
    IN JEHOVAH'S Company......Whispers throughout the thousands standing singing...WE sang louder & louder!!!!
    Armegeddon!!!!!!!!AT LAST

  • RebeccaChi

    Oh Mouthy, please don't tell me they had no shower tents set up for people to clean up!! Were you at least allowed back in the stadium at night to use a real bathroom?

    Also . . . did anyone stop to think that maybe an 8 day convention was a bit much for kids? Did they have any special provisions for them? A play area at least for meal time breaks??

    I guess I'm still traumatized by the 3-4 day conventions as a kid . . . I cannot believe it was even worse for the kids before me!

  • thetrueone

    Those long assemblies were pure hell, most were held in open stadiums and you had to sit in stiflingly heat being that they were right

    in mid-summer, not to mention the lousy PA systems they had back then, you really could only a make out a small portion of the talks.

    I remember getting sun stroke while sitting at one, fainted, barfed the whole shebang.

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