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  • whereami

    Ah the good ol' days. I'm sure there must be some among us that remember this.

  • Psychotic Parrot
    Psychotic Parrot

    They read the bible literally & without any fancy interpretations?


    Baptism looks creepier everytime i see it. Religion is weird.

  • mouthy

    Talk about memories I was there !At Twickenham !!!!!!From Canada!!
    Yes we were suckers from ALL over the world.It would have been a kindness to me

    if they had held my head under the water & kept it there when I got baptized ..
    My marriage would have been happier,my daughter ( still a JW) would be speaking to me
    My children that died would have had a happier life as normal kids ... That is a VERY WICKED CULT

  • coffee_black

    I remember the 8 day assemblies... only the ones I attended were at Yankee Stadium. I was just a kid. I remember the oppressive heat, and the smell of food, and huge crouds pressed around me, and the long lines for the ladies room... Not much fun...

    But back then, I thought I was part of something important... so even though I was nauseous most of the time, I didn't make a fuss...just sat quietly. Those sessions went on from 9 am to 9 pm with breaks for meals... seemed like eternity to me. At the 1958 assembly I was 6 years old...


  • Deceived

    I wasn't at the one in England since I live in Canada but I was at the 8 day assemblies in USA more often than I wanted to but was just a little girl so had no choice. I especially remember New York City at Yankee Stadium and those cafeteria trays brought back memories. My Dad usually was the "Cafeteria Servant" back in those days lol. I know after 1958 we were always at an assembly it seems.

    The line ups for the ladies bathroom were horrible. I peed my pants once because my Mom said I had to wait my turn took an hour and my 9 year old bladder couldn't take it. I got a spanking for that. My Mother had no sense of humour at all when it came to a child not being a martyr for Jehovah.

    All I remember is I hated all the line ups at dinner time, the horrible trays like we were in prison and having to stand to eat in tents. Those were the

    When we went to assemblies in summer in Canada we camped out in "brothers" fields like in that film. No bathrooms, no running water, it was roughing it for sure. I still remember feeling all scruffy and uncomfortable. My parents thought it was good old fun.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Ah the good old days. When the Watchtower could get good press and get people to sit through eight boring days of their crap. When I was watching the baptism I was thinking along the lines of what Mouthy said. I wondered how many of them stuck with it and how many looked back in later years on that day and regretted their decision. You can only wonder how their lives were ever changed for the worse from that day on.

    Do you remember what year that was Mouthy? Probably before they started hyping people up for the 1975 end of the world prophecy.

  • coffee_black

    Hi Deceived

    I hated the smell of the food cooking... and yes...standing up to eat in those huge tents with thousands of people crowded around you... awful!!!

    We didn't rough it though. We usually stayed at the Commodore Hotel, which I thought was an adventure!! My grandmother always made me new Pjs for every assembly that we had to stay overnight for.

    To this day I get slightly nauseous if I have to stand in line. Ah the memories...


  • coffee_black

    Oh...and I just remembered... My grandfather was sitting high up in the stadium under the eves when a pidgeon let go right over him. Splat.. right on his bald spot. And onto his suit....What a mess... it was so bad that he had to go back to the hotel to clean up.


  • RebeccaChi

    Gosh . . . that looked like a clip from a refugee camp! What the f*** could they talk about for 8 full days???!!! I think that was asking a lot from families, especially those poor kids who didn't have a choice. I always thought assemblies were one of the worst things about being a JDub!

  • thetrueone

    It was truly grueling to smell all the food wafting in the stadiums while some dude went into a 5 minute prayer,

    then everyone hurries down to stand in-line for the meal but first you had to stand in line for a meal ticket if you

    didn't have one, after all of that you had to stand while eating.

    It was allot of work to put those meals all to gether not to mention the clean up afterward.

    I used to work in the kitchens during the assemblies making donuts, hamburgers and fries, it was kind of fun,

    it took away some of the boredom.

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