Am i waiting in vain ?

by wasblind 15 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • designs

    One Cult arguing with another Cult.

    Now there's a fun and wasteful time on Sunday.

    They both could have been out helping in their communites doing cleanup work or planting trees.

  • moshe
    The elders wouldn't meet with us even though I pointed out that they were going out to find people like us who wanted to talk about the bible

    That's a riot, Perry! The JWs get real uppity when you come to their pasture- just try and have Bible study meeting at their home! I used the excuse once that my wife hated JW's, so I would love to have a discussion with them- how about your house? He promised to come back and set a time and place- never happened.

  • wasblind

    Hi Moshe,

    The thing that gets me is there are some good and honest people in the Org, people who generally would keep their word

    An yet they don't even realize that this Org is turning them into liars, making promises they don't intend to keep, if they have the truth

    why run? why make up excuses not to come back, and any active JW reading this know i'm telling the "TRUTH"

  • wobble

    I am waiting for one Elder to return and explain 1914 from the Bible.

    I am waiting for two different Elders to answer about 1919.

    I am waiting for a MS to return and answer eleven questions I left him with.

    All this from 2 years or so ago.

    I ain't holdin' ma breath !

  • Terry

    Inside a JW's head, they are a doctor; a specialist out to "cure" what ills mankind. They are special Truth envoys and agents of profound change armed with insider information that will blow the top off of conspiracy to defraud the human race.

    And then.....they meet somebody like you! You turn up the heat and their wax palace melts into an untidy puddle right in front of them!

    Surely this must be a mistake!?

    Surely all that will set the scales in balance is a quick trip to the Kingdom Hall gurus to recalibrate their certainty index.


    The damage you've done to their absolute confidence is impactful.

    The resident guru won't actually address the points of contention factually and logically at all. Instead, they will dismiss the entire incident as an encounter with satanic apostacy.

    The JW will be firmly cautioned against falling into an evil quagmire of depravity, false reasoning and outright lies.

    That promised return trip will never happen.

    That is....unless you meet a JW who is a megalomaniac of supreme confidence intent on demonstrating their personal powers of rhetoric and argumentation. Those sort do exist, but, you don't encounter them often because they can't get along and keep their mouth shut with their own kind.

    You are, then, waiting in vain.

    Consider yourself triumphant!

    You may have been planting seeds that will free others from bondage.

    That tiny speck of doubt may prove to have fallen on fertile soil.


  • journey-on

    It's been 1-1/2 years since I told one elder and his wife what I found out about the United Nations association and they promised twice before they left they would return with whatever answers they found out. I'm still waiting.

    They were having the CO's visit the following week and said they would bring it up to him. He probably arrogantly told them to "shake the dust off their feet" and not to bother with me. That suits me just fine.

    I truly believe if they perceive you as someone that can hold their own with them, they will use the 'ol "shake the dust" clause because it excuses them from making any real intelligent effort toward discussion. Their conscience is clean. No need to go after that one little lost sheep.

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