I recommend you DON'T give this as a gift for a little girl!

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  • StAnn

    I have this family that I've adopted. They live in MS. The mother was raped and got pregnant and was DF'd because of the 2-witness rule, etc., and even her own elder father wouldn't help her. Long story short, years have gone by, she had three more kids and now has a husband to boot. And she became a Christian a couple of years ago. However, she's had many, many years of extreme poverty and isn't much better off right now financially.

    We adopted the four children for their birthdays. They always get plenty for Christmas from their church but don't get much, if anything for their birthdays. I thought I was going to be so smart. This is a black family and I'm always on the lookout for black dolls, etc., for the little girl, since most dolls I see are white. I found a black bust with actual black hair with a set of curlers, combs, etc., so the little girl could play beauty shop. I was so proud of myself thinking this would be the perfect gift. Her mother called this week to say she received the gift. Her daughter pulled it out of the box, screamed, threw it, and said, "my baby's body is missing!" I don't think she's going to play with it.

    St. Ann

  • mrsjones5

    lol, omg that's funny.

  • garyneal

    My niece is mixed (as is my daughter) and when she was very little, I gave her a black babydoll for Christmas.

    At the time, my family wasn't sure how to handle a mixed marraige and a mixed child, so everyone just bought her white baby dolls, except me.

    My sister and brother-in-law thought it to be the funniest gift of all, but of all the baby dolls my niece received she liked the one I got her the best.

    Kids can be funny.

    On another note, when my wife and I were dating, her father said, "So you are going to be a zebra?" You know, from the Jeffersons. So on Valentine's Day I got her a zebra doll with a heart. She knew what it was all about. We still have that doll today and it is one of my daughter's favorite dolls. It is her zebre. Funny, huh.

  • StAnn

    Gary, my son's father remarried years ago, after we divorced. My ex-husband is white and his current wife is black. A couple of years after they married, I took my son down to visit my grandmother. She leaned over and asked my son, "Do you have any high yellow brother's and sisters?" I about peed my pants.

    I think it's a generational thing.

    My husband still argues with me that the song, "The Yellow Rose of Texas" is NOT about a mixed blood slave girl. He's wrong, I'm right.

  • garyneal

    When my niece was born in 1995, my grandmother came over to see the baby. She picked her up and looked at her, examining her closely. Because at the time, not too many people knew that the father was black. So my grandmother was trying to determine for herself. She was examining her saying, "I think I see some dark in her, I think I see some dark." Sometime later, my mom revealed to her what the father was and she responded, "I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!!!"

    We all joke about that to this day.

    When my daughter was born in 2006, we took her to see my grandmother who's health was failing and was by then a widow (grandfather died in 2003). I made that "I think I see some dark" joke with my mom over it and we had a chuckle. I was glad that my grandmother had the chance to see her for she passed away later in 2007. My wife's grandmother passed away one week after mine did. My wife's last living grandparent died earlier this year and my last living grandfather died this year also so now my daughter has no living great grandparents.

  • truthseekeriam

    I know exactly what toy your talking about. I bought it for my daughter (mixed black and mexican) when she was younger and she loved it!! I wouldn't worry about it..I'm sure she'll love it once she starts playing with it

  • StAnn

    Truthseeker, I hope you're right. I didn't mean to traumatize the poor child! She'll be afraid to open any future packages from me.

  • wasblind

    dont' give up STAnn,

    How old is the little girl ? and what was the reccomended age on the toy box?

    it would also help if the mother could try to explain to the child what kind of doll it is

    and show her how to play with it. Anyway i think your great for taking the time to do what you do


    That was a great story. I think she'll come around though.

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