Another Shirt I threw up for sh**** and giggles everyone might laugh at....

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  • Tuesday

    For some reason this idea came up in a conversation with my cousin and we couldn't stop laughing about it. Literally we were like elementary school students who kept making fart noises whenever the teacher bent over, it was ridiculous. I think you will all enjoy the shirt, it's a pretty funny concept.

    I wish Zazzle would let me post a picture of the product here so you don't have to click on my store to view it, I just like showing everyone the designs I came up with and the silly ideas I came up with.

  • StAnn

    You are so bad!

    If only I went to my JW family reunions.....I'd deck out my whole family in this gear. Alas, I skip the Hoviefests.

    St. Ann

  • Tuesday

    I thought up a couple of other ideas, I'm not sure if I'll put them up. Everyone seemed to like the Apostate shirt so I figured I'd throw this one up here as well. If for nothing else something you can laugh at. I did the same thing as before just posted it as the price that shows up when you create the shirt.

  • jamiebowers

    That's funny!

  • Tuesday

    BTTT for more people to see. That and I'm insecure and think that no one likes it if there's not a ton of comments.

  • Tuesday

    I thought this shirt was WAY funnier than the apostate one. Apparently everyone likes being the evil apostate but not the one that just barely missed out on heaven

  • ziddina

    Let me check this out...

    See whether this is the same one I viewed before...

  • bohm


  • ziddina

    These shirts are REAL, right???

    As in, if I buy one, I'll end up with an actual t-shirt, and not some online creation for a two-dimensional avatar of mine???


  • asilentone

    most people would not understand the meaning of that shirt. They would look at you like that.-----)

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