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  • gutted

    Hey gang,

    Just wanted to share the last few days have been very painful. Seems like my one friend who I shared my doubts with is distancing himself. Mom is urging me to go back. Still haven't returned that elders call. Getting nightmares being in the kingdom hall.

    I'm guessing this is normal when first fading or am I being a bit too dramatic? I feel like some of the emotional issues I've been dealing with even before knowing the real truth and starting to fade are coming back up. I think mainly it is fear, fear of being shunned, fear other people... I thought I had some phobic issues but perhaps these were just things I was taught as a witness from growing up.

  • serenitynow!

    Hi sorry for your pain. It was very painful for me, first finding out the real truth. Dont give in to the pressure to go back though, that won't make you happy. I don't think you're being dramatic at all. Probably most of us go through the same kinds of emotions. If you are not already doing so, see a therapist. That was one of the best things I have done to start sorting out my emotions and fears so I could move forward. It will get better.

  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    Hi Gutted, I know the feeling, it just lingers doesn't it? It is normal, I think , for these issues to come up again once in awhile when you think they have been but to bed. When you have family in especially. Deal with family things as they come up, form friendships on the outside and do not and I repeat do not go in the back room! NMKA

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    you sound pretty normal to me. Hang in there. They did implant fears and phoboies.

    If you refuse to go back it isn't a phobia to think you may be shunned. That is a high probability.

    What you will find is that non-JWs can be nice or not, kind or not, caring or not. You will just learn how to choose your friends - sort of like you do as a JW - I'm sure you don't love all of them.

    Life gets better and by sharing your feelings you will discover just how normal you are

  • NiceDream


    It's really hard to break free, and sometime you feel like you can't trust anyone. It will get better one day.

  • wasblind

    Hi gutted,

    never think that you're alone cause you're not, your old aquaintances may

    throw you away like trash, but you're a treasure to us.

  • StAnn


    It gets better once you're completely free. It never completely goes away, at least it hasn't for me, but it does get better and then, one day, you discover that life is worth living after all.

    Don't let the Dubs suck you in. Remember, they can offer you nothing. Real life is lived outside of the WTS.

  • transhuman68

    Hang in there Gutted. This is just a transitional stage for you. Eventually you will see the the Witnesses are an insignificant religion full of deluded people wasting their time annoying others. The real world moves on without them. Life is a journey, not a destination.

  • gutted

    Thanks so much guys, your kind words really mean a lot to me.

    Just had a guilt trip laid on by my family... mom said "just go to the meeting on Sunday, for me"... I really did think about going back... but I know I can't now.

    Thanks again

  • jamiebowers
    Just had a guilt trip laid on by my family... mom said "just go to the meeting on Sunday, for me"..

    An adult child is NOT supposed to live life for a parent. No one should ask that of another person; it's unfair and unrealistic.

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