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    Comments You Will Not Hear at the 07-18-10 WT Study (MAY 15, 2010, pages 24-28)(REACH OUT)

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    “He who is sowing with a view to the spirit

    will reap everlasting life.”—GAL. 6:8.


    Sorry for the late posting. I’ve been struggling with my chronic condition.

    There has been some improvement and my ultrasound and MRI shows

    Things are stabilizing.

    While I know there are a few elders that truly have good motives.

    To help the “sheep” not themselves. But they are not rewarded for that.

    Some are even punished for making the elders look bad.

    Some elders might feel they personally did not directly do anything bad.

    But they did not speak out or advocate for those who were being abused.

    I have known many elders that were either removed for showing compassion.

    By doing so going against the elder body decisions (not talking about df’ing).

    I have know that stepped down and ten years later refuse to “reach out.”

    They no longer want to be part of the abuse of the rank and file, the lies, etc.

    Jesus did not reach out for the position of Pharisee. Paul stepped down.

    What about Nicodemus and Josephus (?)? Jesus had categorically condemned

    The Pharisees, scribes, religious leaders saying they were condemned to Gehenna.

    How could a Jewish religious leader remain one and become a Christian?

    *** w87 10/1 p. 31 Questions From Readers***

    When we read accounts such as Matthew 15:1-8; John 8:12-19, 31-41; 9:13-34; 11:45-53, we can understand why Jesus said that the Pharisees merited annihilation, symbolized by Gehenna. True, some might repent and win God’s approval, but as a class, they were worthy of permanent destruction. Christ said: “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because you traverse sea and dry land to make one proselyte, and when he becomes one you make him a subject for Gehenna twice as much so as yourselves.”—Matthew 23:15.

    (Matthew 23:33) “Serpents, offspring of vipers, how are YOU to flee from the judgment of Ge·hen′na?


    1, 2. How is Matthew 9:37, 38 undergoing fulfillment,

    resulting in what need in the congregations?

    YOU are witnessing history in the making!

    A work spoken of by Jesus Christ is

    in full swing. “The harvest is great, but the

    workers are few,” said Jesus. “Therefore, beg

    the Master of the harvest to send out workers

    into his harvest.” (Matt. 9:37, 38) Jehovah

    God is answering such prayers in an unprecedented

    way. During the 2009 service year,

    the number of congregations of Jehovah’s

    Witnesses worldwide increased by 2,031,

    reaching 105,298. On average, 757 individuals were

    baptized each day!


    How many jws slipped away either df’d, da’d, or inactive?

    39,208 (diff between 2008 avg pubs, 2009 avg pubs less 2009 baptized: 59,269), adjusting for .33% reinstated (19,559) and 8.5 per 1,000 deaths (502) divided by 365 = 107 out the door every day (14%, approximately one congregation every day)

    *** w92 7/1 p. 16 par. 9 Elders, Judge With Righteousness***

    Some elders might do well to ponder over the following question: ‘Could we save the considerable amount of time needed to investigate and handle judicial cases if we devoted more time and effort to shepherding?’

    2 Such growth creates a need for qualified

    brothers to take the lead in teaching and

    shepherding in the congregations. (Eph. 4:

    11) Over the decades, Jehovah has raised up

    qualified men to care for the needs of his

    sheep, and we are confident that he will continue

    to do so. The prophecy recorded at Micah

    5:5 assures us that during the last days,

    Jehovah’s people will have “seven shepherds”

    and “eight dukes,” representing a

    considerable number of capable men to take

    the lead among them.


    What are men in the WTS qualified as, “dukes,” “princes,” “sheiks,” How humble is that?

    “qualified” men, the most looked at “qualification” is “does he get the monthly average in field service time” approximately 10 hours per month. I can remember one jw male was prompted to be sure to turn in the time for his family study (he was dragging around 6 hours a month). Lo and behold suddenly this man was turning in a bible study slip and increased his hours by 4 each month and was made an elder.

    Do they care that he never spends much time even in this activity with his family, training them to be more effective but rather runs around with the elders trying to impress them with his skills many times at the elders request?

    Look around your congregation, how many young males are still around, how many were df’d, how many drifted (or left) away? In this area about one out of 10 stick around. Most of the elders are in the boomer category and older are dying out.

    Many congregations have so few MS or possible candidates, that the elders are reduced to handling the mikes, doing literature, having their wives do accounts as their husbands merely sign off.

    Sources of “qualified” men:

    Male children of jws who

    Get baptized

    Manage not to get df’d or da’d or drift away by the time they are between 18 and 25

    Male jws that move into the congregation from another congregation for personal reasons

    Male jws (especially elders/MS) that are asked to move into the congregation (by CO, DO, or Bethel admin)

    Rare but occasionally, the non-believing husband of a jw woman who gets baptized, etc.

    Even rarer, a non-jw man contacted by a jw and converted.

    3. Explain what it means to ‘sow with a view to the


    3 If you are a baptized male Witness of Jehovah,

    what can help you to want to reach

    out for service privileges? A key factor is that

    you ‘sow with a view to the spirit.’ (Gal. 6:8)

    Doing so involves living in a way that allows

    for God’s holy spirit to operate freely in your

    life. Be determined not to ‘sow with a view

    to the flesh.’ Avoid letting such things as

    comfort, leisure, and entertainment dampen

    your desire to expend yourself in God’s

    service. All Christians should ‘sow with a

    view to the spirit,’ and in time, men who do

    so may well qualify for privileges in the congregation.

    Because there is a great need for

    ministerial servants and elders today, this article

    is especially directed to Christian men.

    Therefore, brothers, we urge you to give it

    prayerful consideration.


    So was Jesus telling his followers to reach out for service privileges?

    Where is that phrase even in the bible?

    Do these men really live this way or give the appearance of doing so?

    Do they truly find ways to help the old, sick, and needy themselves or do the delegate to those lower down with less significant “service privileges”?

    How many elders did you see that were not concerned with comfort, sure to get the best seats at the conventions, who were up and walking around during the session (not doing convention work) but talking about sports with their buds, building nice homes, driving nice cars (to use in service supposedly as they took off Saturday morning with 4 brothers in their cars leaving the women to “train” the children).

    Entertainment—who had seen the latest movies, had the DVDs, the video games, the boats and planes (no kidding), went to Aruba every year (during the CO visit).

    All Christians (including jw women) should sow—but the most important work as far as the WTS is concerned is being an MS or elder which women can’t do. I always wondered what part teaching played in microphone handling.

    Reach Out for a Fine Work

    4, 5. (a) Baptized men are urged to reach out for

    what privileges in the congregation? (b) How does

    one reach out?

    4 A Christian man does not automatically

    become an overseer. He must reach out for

    this “fine work.” (1 Tim. 3:1) It includes

    serving fellow believers by genuinely caring

    for their needs. (Read Isaiah 32:1, 2.) A man

    who reaches out with proper motives is not

    ambitious. Instead, he is filled with an unselfish

    desire to benefit others.


    Reach out = be ambitious

    Be sure to stand out and have the old ladies and sick ones sing your praises

    Look out for the “fatherless” boys (and girls if you have time) = remember not to use that term around “unbelieving” fathers and tick them off like their children are orphans.

    Care for their needs now because after you become an elder you won’t have time not even to take care of your own children.

    Remember that Isaiah 32:1,2 calls the elders “princes” not exactly a term of humility.

    Are the proper motives to help others…not but to help the elders not have to do any distasteful and humbling chores.

    Benefit others = benefit elders with contacts, benefit the CO and DO so you can get privileges that put you in the limelight.

    5 One seeks to qualify as a ministerial servant

    and reaches out for the office of overseer

    by striving to meet the qualifications set

    out in the Scriptures. (1 Tim. 3:1-10, 12, 13;

    Titus 1:5-9) If you are a dedicated male, ask

    yourself: ‘Do I have a full share in the

    preaching work, and am I assisting others to

    do so? Am I building up my fellow worshippers

    by taking a sincere interest in their welfare?

    Do I have the reputation of being a

    good student of God’s Word? Am I improving

    the quality of my comments? Do I diligently

    care for the assignments entrusted to

    me by the elders?’ (2 Tim. 4:5) Such questions merit

    serious consideration.


    What is the most important qualification that elders and Cos look at, your publisher card to make sure you make the national average of 10 hours/month…caring for the sick and elderly in the congregation cannot be counted. When did the congregation book (bible) conductor (overseer) spend any time training anyone in the preaching or teaching? (Yes, I know that meeting was combined, but there should be an elder still assigned to a group for door to door.)

    Good student of God’s Word = good student of the WT explanation of the bible, WT policies and procedures

    Diligently care? On time for the meetings, is it hard to find a competent accounts servant? Have the read the “book” study material and WT article and give comments that are more than reading the paragraph?

    6. What is a key factor in qualifying for congregation


    6 Another way to qualify for congregation

    responsibilities is to “be made mighty in the

    man you are inside with power through

    [God’s] spirit.” (Eph. 3:16) Becoming a ministerial

    servant or an elder in the Christian

    congregation is not a matter of being elected

    to an office. This privilege is attainable only

    through spiritual growth. How is spiritual

    growth achieved? One way is for you

    to “keep walking by spirit” and cultivating

    its fruitage. (Gal. 5:16, 22, 23) As you

    give evidence of the spiritual qualities needed

    to handle added privileges and as you

    apply counsel for improvement, your ‘advancement

    will be manifest to all persons.’

    —1 Tim. 4:15.


    It isn’t being elected to an office!!! Perhaps if you are thinking of the congregation casting votes, but it is an election when it comes to the body of elders and CO, majority rules. That’s why baptized jws are really only interested in sucking up to the elders and the CO because the congregation has no say. Every time there was a new CO you could see the brothers sucking up that wanted to be MS, elders, or have parts on the assembly. Brothers that had no time then for the older, ill, or depressed jws.

    Needed—A Spirit of Self-Sacrifice

    7. Serving others involves what?

    7 Serving others involves hard work and

    requires a spirit of self-sacrifice. Because

    Christian overseers are spiritual shepherds,

    the problems of the flock concern them

    deeply. Notice how the responsibilities of his

    shepherding work affected the apostle Paul.

    He told fellow believers in Corinth: “Out of

    much tribulation and anguish of heart I

    wrote you with many tears, not that you

    might be saddened, but that you might

    know the love that I have more especially for

    you.” (2 Cor. 2:4) It is evident that Paul put

    his heart into his work.


    Hard work—there is usually one or two who really work hard.

    The others are slugs that want the special status.

    Because….problems…”should” concern them deeply.

    Never saw an elder go up to the hospital to visit sick and ill.

    They would shove it off the elders that did not shine with charisma.

    How many jws are waiting to experience this kind of shepherding only

    To finally give up, even to be told that they are the problem, that they

    Are hard to like?

    8, 9. Give Bible examples showing how men cared

    for the needs of others.

    8 A self-sacrificing spirit has always been

    the hallmark of men who have labored in

    behalf of Jehovah’s servants. For example,

    we can hardly imagine Noah telling others

    in his household: ‘Let me know when the

    ark is finished so that I may join you .’Moses

    did not tell the Israelites in Egypt: ‘I will

    meet you at the Red Sea. Get there the best

    way you can.’ Joshua never said: ‘Let me

    know when the walls of Jericho fall. ’And Isaiah

    did not point to someone else and say:

    ‘There he is! Send him.’—Isa. 6:8.


    OT = Noah, Moses, Joshua, Isaiah

    How many elders did you know that would

    Delegate the hard and distasteful jobs to their


    There was once a cover on a WT where the men were

    Inside the tents and talking while the servants, women,

    And children did the necessary daily work.

    One elder laughed and said that was the way it is in the WTS.

    The men inside talking and women and all others outside working.

    9 Our foremost example of a man who allowed

    God’s spirit to motivate him is Jesus

    Christ. He willingly accepted his assignment

    to serve as mankind’s Redeemer. (John 3:16)

    Should not Jesus’ self-sacrificing love evoke

    an appreciative response in us? When describing

    his feelings for the flock, one longtime

    elder said: “Jesus’ words to Peter—shepherd my

    little sheep—deeply move me. Over

    the years, I have come to appreciate how a

    few loving words or a simple act of kindness

    can lift another person’s spirit. Shepherding

    is a work that I enjoy very much.”—John



    Is it self-sacrificing when the elders assign others to visit the sick and ill,

    To provide for the needy

    To give rides to the meeting to those without transportation although it is out of their way?

    The ones who think that giving a public talk takes the place of a encouraging talk one on one?

    That rather than searching for the sheep, the sheep have to ask for help?

    10. What can move Christian men to imitate Jesus’

    example in serving others?

    10 When it comes to the flock of God, dedicated

    men in the congregation surely want

    to reflect the attitude of Jesus, who said: “I

    will refresh you.” (Matt. 11:28) Faith in God

    and love for the congregation move Christian men

    to reach out for this fine work, not

    thinking that the price is too high or that it

    is too demanding. What, though, if one is

    not particularly inclined to reach out? Can a

    brother cultivate the desire to serve the congregation?


    Are elder bodies refreshing? Rather the sheep feel that they are at

    Fault for any problems they have…having not prayed enough, gone

    To enough meetings, studied enough…

    How many past elders are in your congregation?

    I was in one that had more that had stepped down than were currently active and

    They did not want to be appointed every again—finding it was too demanding

    For those who really cared and had been abused by the body.

    Cultivate the Desire to Serve

    11. How can one cultivate the desire to serve others?

    11 If feelings of inadequacy have prevented

    you from reaching out, it is proper that you

    pray for holy spirit. (Luke 11:13) Jehovah’s

    spirit will help you to cope with any concern

    you may have in this regard. The very desire

    to serve is God-given, for it is Jehovah’s spirit

    that motivates a brother to reach out and

    then supplies the strength to render sacred

    service. (Phil. 2:13; 4:13) Therefore, it is fitting

    to ask Jehovah to help you to build a desire

    to accept privileges of service.—Read

    Psalm 25:4, 5.


    Feelings of inadequacy—trying to jump through the

    nonscriptural hoops the elders put you through

    or massaging the personalities of the “correct” elders

    So why the big push to find elders….because the old ones are

    Dying or burning out or stepping down (aside)…there are no new

    Men coming in and no young male jws coming up…and

    The elders have to do all the “crap jobs” as one elder told us.

    12. How may a person gain sufficient wisdom to

    handle responsibilities entrusted to him?

    12 Because he observes that the needs of

    the flock appear taxing and complicated, a

    Christian may decide not to reach out. Or he

    may feel that he lacks sufficient wisdom to

    handle responsibilities. If this is the case, perhaps

    he can gain wisdom by being a more

    diligent student of God’s Word and Bible based

    publications. He might well ask himself,

    ‘Am I setting aside time to study God’s

    Word, and am I praying for wisdom?’ The

    disciple James wrote: “If any one of you is

    lacking in wisdom, let him keep on asking

    God, for he gives generously to all and without

    reproaching; and it will be given him.”

    (Jas. 1:5) Do you believe this inspired statement?

    In answer to Solomon’s prayer, God

    gave him “a wise and understanding heart”

    that enabled him to discern between good

    and bad when rendering judgment. (1 Ki.

    3:7-14) True, Solomon’s case was special. Yet,

    we can be confident that God will give wisdom

    to men entrusted with congregation responsibilities

    so that they can care for his

    sheep properly.—Prov. 2:6.


    Notice how the WTS puts this in passive voice.

    The problems are the current elders and the WTS

    Who make it hard..not some ambiguous situation.

    The last 2 new elders in my last congregation, quit

    Because the current elders made it clear that the

    Basis of their teachings were the elder’s manual

    Not the bible.

    13, 14. (a) Explain how Paul was affected by “the

    love the Christ has.” (b) How should “the love the

    Christ has” affect us?

    13 Another aid in cultivating the desire to

    serve others is that of thinking deeply on all

    that Jehovah and his Son have done for us.

    For example, consider 2 Corinthians 5:14,15.

    (Read.) How is it that “the love the Christ has

    compels us”? The love Christ showed in laying

    down his life in our behalf according to God’s will

    is so outstanding that as our appreciation

    grows, our heart is deeply moved.

    Christ’s love controlled Paul. It restrained

    him from acting selfishly and helped him to

    confine his objectives to serving God and fellow

    humans inside and outside the congregation.


    This implies that people can only experience the love

    Of God and Christ through the WTS.

    Can you think of ways the elders as a group showed

    Themselves to be selfish?

    One congregation had built a new KH and had a GB member

    Come to dedicate it. Rather than have a nice gathering with the

    Rank and file in the congregation, the elders and their wives

    Decided they were more deserving…and had a small dinner.

    Not a single older witness, not a single jw that had donated

    Quite a sum to building the KH were invited.

    I can see it now in the new system, the elders get their homes

    Built first, aren’t they more deserving?

    14 Meditating on the love Christ has for

    people stirs up gratitude within us. As a result,

    we realize that it would be most unfitting

    for us to keep on ‘sowing with a view to

    the flesh’ by pursuing selfish goals and living

    largely to gratify ourselves. Instead, we adjust

    our affairs to give first place to the work God

    has given us to do. We are moved to “slave”

    for our brothers out of love. (Read Galatians

    5:13.) If we view ourselves as slaves working

    humbly in behalf of Jehovah’s dedicated servants,

    we will treat them with dignity and respect.

    Certainly, we would not imitate the

    critical, judgmental spirit promoted by Satan.—



    Selfish goals and living largely—I was in one congregation

    Where all the elders were in the process of building a new house

    Or buying a new house…yet were able to counsel others not to do so.

    How had they adjusted their affairs? All of them were rarely seen

    In door to door during that 6 to 18 month period.

    Was that treating others with dignity and respect?

    Wasn’t that being critical and judgmental?

    A Family Effort

    15, 16. What role do family members play if a man

    is to qualify for appointment as a ministerial servant

    or an elder?

    15 If a brother is a married man with children,

    the situation existing in his family is

    taken into consideration when determining

    if he qualifies to be a ministerial servant or an

    elder. Indeed, the spirituality and reputation

    of his family have a direct bearing on his appointment.

    This underscores the importance of the family’s role in

    supporting the husband and father as he seeks to

    serve the congregation’s interests as a ministerial

    servant or an elder.—Read 1 Timothy 3:4, 5,12.


    Yes, the wife must also put in the national average 10 hours/month.

    The children must prove to be shining examples, at least outwardly.

    It is no surprise that many elders fall out when their children hit their

    Teens and are reappointed after they reach their majority, straighten out,

    Or move out.

    They learn to get a ride home after meetings or sit for a couple of hours.

    Dad is concerned about his kids behavior only when it risks their appointment.

    Dad will hide the sins of his family to keep his appointment.

    But Dad will spend little time with his family or set a good example.

    16 Jehovah is pleased when Christian family

    members cooperate with one another.

    (Eph. 3:14, 15) It takes balance for a family

    head to handle congregation responsibilities

    and preside over his household “in a fine

    manner.” Hence, it is vital that an elder or a

    ministerial servant study the Bible with his

    wife and children so that all can benefit

    from Family Worship every week. He should

    participate in the field ministry with them

    on a regular basis. By the same token, it is

    important for family members to cooperate

    with the efforts of the head of the household.


    Mom will find that despite having a secular job…

    That she will do everything around the house…

    Train the children

    Mow the grass, keep the car in good repair…

    Get his bookbag and clothes ready….

    Be prepared to have social events end because of sudden secret meetings…

    Conduct the Family Worship because Dad is out and about doing cong work…

    Cooperate with head…means its Dad’s way or the highway (disregard last week)

    Will You Serve Again?

    17, 18. (a) If a brother no longer qualifies for appointment,

    what may be needed? (b) What view can well be taken by

    a brother who served as an elder or a ministerial servant

    in the past?

    17 Perhaps you were an elder or a ministerial

    servant at one time but are not presently

    serving in that capacity. You love Jehovah

    and can be sure that he still cares for you.

    (1 Pet. 5:6, 7)Were you told that you need to

    make some adjustments? Be willing to admit

    a fault and work on it with God’s help.

    Guard against becoming bitter. Be wise, and

    manifest a positive spirit. An elder who had

    served for years but who lost his privileges

    of service stated: “I was determined to

    maintain the same level of meeting attendance,

    field service, and Bible reading I had

    while serving as an elder—a goal I was able

    to achieve. I learned patience because I

    thought I would regain my privileges in a

    year or two, but it took almost seven years

    before I again could serve as an elder. During

    that time the encouragement not to tire out

    but to continue to reach out greatly helped



    The WTS would like to think it was their decision to boot this guy…

    In many congregations, elders boot themselves with no desire to be an elder again…

    I know in several congregations they have reappointed an active alcoholic and…

    An abusive husband…the only real sin that will keep you out is disagreeing with..

    The elders, CO, or WTS.

    Seven years!!! He must have really been rebellious.

    18 If you are a brother in the situation just

    described, do not become discouraged. Reflect

    on how Jehovah is blessing your ministry

    and your household. Build your family

    up spiritually, visit the sick, and encourage

    the weak. Above all, cherish your privilege

    of praising God and proclaiming the good

    news of the Kingdom as one of Jehovah’s

    Witnesses.*—Ps.145:1, 2; Isa. 43:10-12.


    Many elders were removed due to personality conflicts with ….

    Elders with more clout on the body…figure on their dying or your moving

    Before being reappointed.

    Once again, members of the WTS identify themselves Jehovah’s Witnesses not…

    Christians…truly according to WTS doctrine only anointed jws are Israelites and

    Can qualify as Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    * See The Watchtower, August 15, 2009, pages 30-32.

    Take a Fresh Look

    19, 20. (a) All baptized males are urged to do

    what? (b) What will be discussed in the next article?

    19 The need for overseers and ministerial

    servants is greater today than ever before. We

    therefore urge all baptized males to take a

    fresh look at their circumstances and ask

    themselves, ‘If I am not a ministerial servant

    or an elder, should I analyze the reasons why

    I am not serving?’ Let God’s spirit help you to

    get the right focus on this vital matter.


    Why is the need greater? Aren’t there more jws than ever before?

    Are there less males in the WTS? Are fewer males desiring to take

    On the abuse of the elders? Have they seen how current ones are

    Treated? Are fewer male children of jws becoming jws, staying jws, and leaving?

    20 All members of the congregation stand

    to benefit from the godly self-sacrificing efforts

    of their fellow believers. When we engage

    in kind, unselfish acts, we reap the joy

    that comes from serving others and sowing

    with a view to the spirit. As the next

    article will show, however, we must not

    grieve God’s holy spirit. How can that be



    Fellow believers = only jws

    What sort of kin, unselfish acts are they suggesting?

    How Would You Answer?

    ? Of what does the prophecy recorded

    at Micah 5:5 assure us?

    ? Explain what a spirit of self-sacrifice


    ? How can one cultivate the desire to

    serve others?

    ? How important is family cooperation

    if a man is to qualify to serve as a

    ministerial servant or an elder?


    I hope to be more on time this week. “Do Not Grieve Jehovah’s Holy Spirit.”

    You can bet that not doing everything the WTS way will grieve the HS, that

    You can only get holy spirit through the WTS. That any avenue including

    Prayer has to go through the WTS.

    *** w60 2/15 p. 104 How Does God’s Spirit Operate Today?***

    A person cannot expect to be guided by God’s spirit if he refuses to associate with the theocratic organization through which it operates. In the first century it operated through the organization headed by the apostles. In this twentieth century it operates through the organization headed by the remnant of Christ’s spirit-begotten ones.

    Love, Blondie

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    Glad to know you are feeling a lil better!

    Your efforts are always appreciated.

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    Glad you're feeling a little better. Please know that your efforts are appreciated!

    Regarding the article, it's clear how desperate the WTS is for men to take on the low level management jobs. In the congregation I attend, there are more ex-elders than current elders. And, NONE of those guys (myself included) would EVER consider doing the job again. And I think the majority of them still believe the WTS has the "truth" but they just were burned by politics or burned out. The MS pipeline has a few that will likely be appointed one day (if they last that long) but it's slim pickings.

    I do like how the WT article tries to guilt guys into "reaching out", subtly insulting them by acting as if the reason they don't want to be an elder is because they're not "spiritual". However, I don't think the guilt trip will work on folks that were once elders/ms because they've seen behind the curtain.

    I also think its so funny that for years the WTS pointed to the Catholic priest shortage as a sign that Bablyon the Great had fallen and yet now they're facing the very same problem!!! I know of several congregations that have been combined primarily due to a shortage of elders. Look for that trend to continue, despite articles such as these.

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    Thanks for your efforts Blondie, I always look forward to your comments.

    I wanted to miss this study. But other affairs “forced” me to go.

    I was very uncomfortable throughout the whole study, specifically because I resigned not too long ago and many eyes were on me. The “R&F” grew fond of me, and some have expressed that they miss my parts, public talks, etc. Many were surprised when the announcement was made that bro: “onemore” is not an elder.

    I was scheduled to attend the elder school later this year, I only regret not being able to attend to confirm by myself, the rumors that this school is about protecting the interests of the WT by transferring all the legal liabilities to the elders. And of course, I wanted to get the new instruction manual (the new “elders” book). I wanted to confirm this so that I could to let my fellow Spanish speaking elders know the risk that they are running by serving as elders in the WT…legal liability to could also mean deportation to those elders that are legal residents in the USA.

  • snowbird

    Thanks, Blondie.

    Glad you're feeling better.

    Looks like the shepherds taskmasters are becoming few and far between.

    Tee hee hee.


  • WTWizard

    I hope they continue to have this issue of not enough hounders. Reality is, they want everyone to waste all their time, and becoming hounders is another way to waste your time making sure everyone else wastes theirs. They want all men to be accountable for everything that goes on in the congregation, and in the territory, including all those who are not interested and they failed to get them into the cancer.

    However, they are not going to get the power to do the job right. A few hounders do not hound; they are quickly swamped by the other hounders or the hounder-hounder. The ones left are going to beat people into submission. As for what's upcoming, if they are getting mostly people from prisons and mental institutions, you are going to get more pedophiles and baby killers (and baby eaters) running the congregation. That means more pressure--and more threats of force to get people to cooperate with the hounders.

    I, for one, am not interested in a job that I am not going to be allowed to perform adequately because of having to answer to the hounder-hounder or the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger.

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