Are JWs more likely to stay from Fear of Armageddon or Fear of being Disfellowshipped?

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  • flipper

    I agree with most posters here so far- What kept me from leaving was being shunned by my mostly all JW family. I had doubts as far back as 1989- but didn't get the courage to exit the witnesses until 2003- finally. In part due to fear of rejection by my family. Fortunately only about 4 or so reject me out of 15 relatives still in - but being around some of them is still awkward.

    I never really believed in the " Armageddon " thingie - so that isn't what propelled my fear. It was loss of family. I've come to overcome that fear now though

  • yknot

    Initially I think many stay because of the fear of the Big A.....(based on belief of appointment)

    However as they learn more about the Org and it's history throughout their awakening period, shunning replaces Big A.

  • dgp

    I can't say whether it's fear of shunning or fear of Armageddon what keeps a witness in; only you can say so. However, considering the article JWFacts mentioned first, for the sake of commentary I can say that, among the faithful of a religion that doesn't require (anymore) that you shun your sinning or excommunicated relatives, a.k.a. the Roman Catholic Church, many, many, many people stay in out of fear of death/eternal torment. As you know, Catholics believe they have souls that never die; the problem isn't so much death, but eternal torment in hell. Some people are afraid of death because they are not sure there is a God, and, like Blaise Pascal, think that they lose nothing if they (somewhat) follow the religion.

    As to Armageddon, leaving the Catholic church means getting over your fear of eternal torment and, therefore, Armageddon doesn't really scare a Catholic. Or an atheist, for that matter. He has already accepted that he is only bound for the grave.

    I guess that witnesses fear shunning more than Armageddon because shunning is a clear and omnipresent danger, while Armageddon is something that, er, is always right around the corner, right?

  • UnConfused

    As I think back, I think the fear of D'Fing could have been greater as it was more immediate and total shame AND WOULD END IN DEATH AT THE BIG A on top of it all.

  • changeling

    The fear of losing loved ones still "in".

  • cskyjw.sun

    being Df

  • stuckinamovement

    Armageddon is a myth. Dfing is an immediate reality.

  • lisavegas420

    I had never thought about it before......I never thought I was good enough to make it into the paradise. I mean come on, I hated it. Even when I sucked it up and did the right things, pioneering, talks, sucked, and Jehovah can read hearts so he knew what I was feeling. But if I didn't want to be beat, I did what I was told. ....... I wasn't afraid of dieing at Armegeddon, since the dead know actually sounded like relief....and I knew it wouldn't be much longer., after all it is right around the corner.

    I was afraid of my parents. I was afraid of being beat. whooped, whatever.....and I was afraid they would stop loving me.

    I've been shunned for all of my adult life. With the exception of a few situations...(ie: phone calls I made to them) I still thought for years that Armegeddon was coming, and I was wondering what the problem was....I mean come on already, what's the hold up...(these thoughts were during one of my depressesd times)......and got on line and found this site. Everything changed. the depression magically lifed.


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