Is This God's Organization?

by monkeyman 36 Replies latest jw friends

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Why do you stay?

    You know it’s not God’s organisation, otherwise you wouldn’t be posting what you did.

    If you stay, you’re only being a hypocrite.

  • PSacramento

    If there is a God, do you think God needs an organization ?

    No, there is no "God's organization" and never has been nor ever will be.

    There is God, His Son our lord and saviour, and the HS.

    For those that don't believe in God ,there is the life they have and the life they lead, a life full of love I hope.

    For those that believe in a different way, there is their faith and their love and I hope that their path leads to God.

    We don't know all that there is to know, we don't have all the answers but if we choose to live our life with love in our hearts, I don't see being able to be part of the WT.

  • superpunk

    Man I feel bad that you're feeling this way.

    Your post focused mostly on the people, that's a good thing. But the fact is that you see these same type of people whether in or out of any sort of organization. It's not any better in the JWs, but it might be a good bit worse on the bad end.

    I continue to be amazed at the people I meet in the "world" all the time. Just starting my life apart from the organization but already I've made better friends than the ones who would side with an organization over me every time.

    So you already know the organization is crap, but the people have a hold on you. I say give the world a chance, maybe just a little at a time, even while still being a JW. Reach out to co-workers and acquaintences, and prepare for good times. :)

  • CandleLight

    Seems that you already know the answer to your question, and your at the point of now what.

    Remember the question, "where will you go?" is one they created to stop people from rejecting them as God's messengers. The rationalization of 'wait until things change" was also created by them to keep you there. Both are ingrained manipulations.

    Pray with an open heart, and he will answer your questions.

    May he give you the strength to follow his voice.

    Christian love


  • designs


    Which Jesus

    Pray with an open heart, and he will answer your questions.

    That is what Monkeyman has spent 50 years doing.

    Perhaps it's time for him to ask if prayers themselves are 'ingrained manipulations?'

  • NomadSoul

    No, it's not.

  • CandleLight

    Hi Designs,

    You are talking about my avatar? :-)

    I am talking about My Lord whom I know.

    I agree that there can be many different projections, especially by religion of whom Jesus is, and what he is like. It can be like never meeting someone, and yet taking someone's word for how they say he is. Which is why we have to come to know Him and his father personally, otherwise it all becomes artifical doesnt it?

    Gladiator, yeah I prayed for all those years as a JW too. Alot of times with an honest heart. Problem is, I had no idea who or where the answer to my prayers came from. The organization said it was them, so I believed that and listened to what it said. So my heart wasnt all that open and honest was it? When I had already assumed I knew what the answer was. It can be very frightening for a witness to take off the blinders. But if Monkeyman wants to know the truth, which is Christ, he cannot keep them on, and stare at an organization to teach him the truth. They do not know Jesus. How can they have the answers? The only way is to ask him to whom he is praying to show him the truth, and be willing to follow. And it is the following part that many are not willing to do.



  • gubberningbody

    Unpack your question.

    1. Is there a God or God(s)?

    How do you know?

    2. Why would you excuse any God for not handling things differently?

    To me it doesn't matter whether or not God exists.

    It does matter to me that no religion has provided anything but a weak excuse for the way their various creators have handled the situations.

    So even IF there was a God using an organization, I'd refuse to participate, because to do so would be an immoral act of unfaithflness.

    I don't do deals with terrorists or abusive deities.


    I can see your slant on things CandleLight.

    The thing is, the bible tells us that anyone who calls on the Lord will be saved. He who exercises faith in Jesus will be saved.

    Now as Monkeyman has spent 50 years sincerely praying for guidance, is to much for him to expect God to guide him?

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