People Who Refuse to Tip at Restaurants are Embarrassing!

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  • SnakesInTheTower

    It depends on the restaraunt. 15-20% is standard..25% in the high end places (that I cannot afford). I figure if a meal is $10 (for ease of figuring this math example), sales tax is 8% (80 cents) and tip is 20% ($2)...I figure if I cannot afford $12.80 for my meal, I better not go out to eat...and sometimes this does figure into my decision to eat out or not. My soon to be stepdaughter was a driver for Pizza Hut, so if I order delivery, I would make sure I tip well. I rarely use delivery. I can cook myself or go get what I want for carry out.

    I dont tip at those Carside to Go things.. I dont use them....waste of effort...I can go inside and pick it up myself. Same with pizza...I live close enough...I go get it.

    If I know someone in my party is not tipping, I call them out on it (and remember not to go out to eat with them again). I understand the whoe large party gratuity being added in ahead.... large parties take a lot of effort.

    If a server is not doing their job... and I am certain it is the server's fault, I call a manager over...and request a new server that I can tip properly.

    Snakes (Rich )

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze
    If service was bad enough to impel you to leave a bad tip, you're only pissing off the does not send any message to the management.

    Exactly. The only way they'll get the message that the service or food was bad is by saying so. The only thing not tipping says is that you're cheap.

  • free2beme

    I disagree, worked in a restaurant as a server for a bit. Bad tips are noticed and questioned.

  • undercover
    I disagree, worked in a restaurant as a server for a bit. Bad tips are noticed and questioned.

    I worked as a server as well. And tips were not usually the indicator of how well a server was working...though they could be, if management kept note of such things. But most just keep records for taxes and wages and the like. They don't want to do anymore paperwork than they have to.

    In my experience, bad servers were usually outed by observant management and good floor managers who followed behind servers and checked on tables.

    But no matter how it's done, there are going to be times when we get bad service. Even good servers are going to have bad days...or tables. The kitchen fucked up, the POS monitor fouled up, the bartender lost the drink order. Shit happens. And even a good server loses control once in a while. If customers speak to management then management gets a clearer picture of the situation. And they'll know it was an anomoly with this usually good server. Continual complaints results in letting go of an incapable server.

    There are also bad customers. Demanding, overbearing, rude louts who order the server about as a slave, never considering that the server is working multiple tables. And then have the balls to not tip well because the server didn't bring a condiment over immediately upon request. And if they complain to managament, management can see that it wasn't necessarily the server - it was the ridiculous expectations of ignorant customers. But they have to suck it up and try to make them happy.

  • changeling

    My kids were always recognized for giving excellent service by both patrons and management. The quality of their tips seemed to reflect the type of restaurant and the clientele they pulled in. At "Applebee's" (my son worked at 3 of them), my son was routinely stiffed. At "Bravo" he was rarely stiffed. Now he is at a very high end restaurant and he never gets stiffed.

    Classy people tip well, trashy people don't.

    If you can't afford to tip your server, go to McDonald's or stay home.

  • man in black
    man in black

    you could always just leave one of the wtbts tracts

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Thank you for your observations. My aunt said that her sister made more in tips working at a restaurant than Aunt got as a teacher, so the aunt decided to refuse to tip. My great grandmother refused to go anywhere that she would have to tip at. That is okay.

  • undercover
    My great grandmother refused to go anywhere that she would have to tip at. That is okay.

    My In-laws hate... hate... going anywhere where they have to tip. They prefer fast food joints and cafeteria and buffet style restaurants. Which is fine, no problem. At least they don't go to *gag* Applebee's *gag* and refuse to tip.

    But it does become a bit of a problem when we take them out to eat in our hometown. We're the opposite. We prefer nicer, sit down restaurants for good meals. And we tip accordingly. Everytime we're ready to leave, the bill's been paid, I leave money on the table, my MIL acts shocked and exclaims, "You're leaving all THAT? Why so much?" I explain it's about 20% and then she goes on and on about how we shouldve gone to Golden Corral or some other shitbucket buffet and save money.. "We could've all eaten on what you left in tip". I pissed her off one time in their town when we went to Golden Corral and I left a tip for the girl who refilled our glasses and took away the emply plates. I hate eating out with them...

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I tip at GC, too! I usually do a small tip for the refills and taking away our used plates. It's a very nice way to say "thank you" for a good meal and pleasant atmosphere. They really work to make it nice for people to eat there.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Here on the land of Oz, tiping is very rare and pretty much never expected either

    i have on occasion seen a tiping jar on the pay counter at some restaurants and cafe's but learned that often the boss took the money not the staff.

    i always clear my table and make sure thanks is given to those that deserve it, from wait staff too cooks. Everybody seems to appreciate that very much as recognition for good service. If you tiped, they would be very surprised as it's just not the custom.

    I would find it really odd to calculate that if i went out for a 100 dollar dinner i would have to tip up to 25 dollars extra!

    The minimum wage here in australia is $570 au per week, about $15 per hour for a 38 hour week. Over 20s and casuals usually get around the 20 -22 dollar mark.

    perhaps our wages are higher and reflected in the lack of tiping needed?


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