Free Watchtower books

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  • Invetigator74

    If you need a copy of any publications, there are a lots of websites and Cds that have a full library of JWs . For some reason I kept the library I built up when I was once a dub and in my limbo years. All boxed up in the attic now. Full Wt runs from 1938 - 2007(Also the 7 Volume Watchtowers 1879 - 1919 put out in 1922), GA,Consolations,and Awakes from 1936 - 2007, Books from the 7 volumes of the Studies in the Scriptures up to publications in 2008. Booklets from 1920 - 2005, Bibles, Informants/ KMs 1951 - 2007, Rutherford records(26),various Convention reports,etc... If you need a particular article photocopied from the original , just end me a message. If you need to see a copy for your own eyes,I live in NY so again send me a message and I could meet up with you at a nearby location. Everything else I have on my harddrive or on cds.

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