The 3 Stark Choices of Individual Witnesses

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  • serenitynow!

    Or as illustrated by AIW, some JWs will manage to be all three at the same time.

  • BANE

    Bethal isn´t monitoring this site. Gosh you apostates are SO freaking paranoid. They could care less what you do.

    I think Alice has just laid the biblical smackdown on all of you. Man it is SO easy here to do so.

    Hmm...Apostate catagories.....

    1. The Jackass...He is one that is an apostate but not very good at it. Doesn´t post anything scriptural. Just acts like Beavis and Butthead. Example: Outlaw and Issac. MrsJones as well.

    2. The know it all...This one thinks he knows more than the governing body. That makes up most people here. Twitch and Icecream...Ray Franz is in this group.

    3. The supposed victim...The whiners and weaklings that post all the time about how they were abused...PUHLEASE! Most apostates fall out of the truth with this idiotic mindset. Danny Hazard falls into this one.

    4. The hiders.....They still hide in the organization attending meetings and District conventions all the while afraid to leave for what would happen to them. Then they come on here to mock and complain. Freaking posers. Jehovah will expose them.

    Did I get it right or am I leaving out more pathetic groups of apostates?

  • metatron

    Alice would mostly fall into the "crazier" class , although the "lie, lie lie" remark means she may be addressing a mirror.

    I - and many others - post on this site as motivated by the identical sort of anger and disgust that victims of Bernie Madoff feel - except that Mr. Madoff has been caught, convicted and sentenced UNLIKE the Con Artists and Frauds that have been operating the Watchtower Society for 130 years.This makes us more angry.

    Bane - it might help your sense of authority if you could spell "Bethel" correctly. They have assigned monitors to this and other sites in the past because they feel a need to keep up with anything "apostates" might be intending. This has caused some difficulty for them as the monitors may lose faith in the cult from too much exposure here.

    Oh, and by the way, they carefully monitor Assembly talks by C.O.'s and the like to make certain they follow manuscript talks word for word. I know this first hand.

    Number 4? Does mentioning this put you in the Jackass class? You see, if this cult is loaded with hidden apostates who would like to leave and Jehovah "will" expose them at some indefinite date but hasn't then the organization is unclean by definition due to it's being infiltrated presently and is No Spiritual Paradise because of countless disloyal persons moving in it.

    And number 2? Knowing more than the Governing Body? Actually anyone with a grade school reading ability could probably get a Bible and Concordance and look up every occurrence of the phrase "This generation" in the Gospels and see that Jesus was very consistently using it in a negative way, towards the people who rejected him.

    Or they could if they weren't deceived. As to my thesis above, it is difficult for me to imagine how the Society could get away their foolish 'generation" ideas unless Witnesses didn't bother actually reading or studying the Bible...........

    and that, takes us right back to dumber...... and crazier...... and more fake.


  • Mall Cop
    Mall Cop

    Metatron what about what I responded to, could their be a fourth reason?

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    I offer one more sub-category of Jehovah's Witnesses, a very small group, but far more influential than their numbers would indicate.

    4) Rich and famous rock and roll, movie actor, sports star who profess to be Jehovah's Witnesses. As long as these folks pour money into the Watchtower coffers, the rules and guidelines set down for the common JW folks are waived for these people. While many of the rich and famous maintain relatively low profiles when it involves their private lives, most of these folks do not go out and loudly profess their connections to the JWs (George Benson, Dave Meyers, among others). On the other hand, others are in your face, self-important, spoiled, over-the-top and often ignorant of the fine points of being a JW. Many of these folks make even their fans wince at times, but the WT rarely says or does anything to condemn them (Prince, Serena Williams). In fact, the WT often publicly professes ignorance as to their membership status, while accepting huge monetary contributions from them.

    I choose not to judge these people for their own lifestyles or ability to earn huge sums of money in the entertainment industry - good for them. I judge the Watchtower for being hypocritical about how they treat these people vs. the Joe Average publisher who makes $40,000 a year and works at some mundane clerical job.

    All you have to do is look at the waivers and special treatment that Michael Jackson's mother seems to get in spite of the fact that most of her kids are DA'd or DF'd. I think she is a good person and a decent grandmother - but she gets so many waivers from the JWs for practices that would get anyone else called on the carpet.

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