Appears to be another case of "shifting the burden."

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  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I've made it quite clear that, seeing as she thinks she is going to live forever and the Watchtower's killer god is going to kill me soon, she is not in a position to try to guilt me into not doing something special on my birthdays.

    It's not just about birthdays either. Watchtower killer god doesn't just kill you for celebrating a birthday. He kills you for not doing everything the Watchtower tells you to do, including banging on doors teaching people that Jerusalem fell in 607 BC, when I know damned well it didn't, and no Dubs, (especially the one I am talking to at the time ), have written me up the king list I have asked for to prove that it did. Now ......... where is my king list????????? Have you done it yet?????

  • steve2

    Gary, you sound like a really nice guy who is wanting the best for his marriage and trying hard to be fair in a difficult situation.

    It can be hard enough at the "best" of times when there are differences within relationships - interfaith differences just make it that much harder.

  • garyneal

    Thanks everyone for your responses:

    Jamie: Yeah, a part of me does think that she is not willing to discuss certain WT doctrines with me because she knows I no longer drink the koolaid. She does on occasion bring up WT articles on the CD but she feels that I am no longer receptive and now does not bother with me.

    StAnn: Again, sorry to hear what you went through. and you too wantstoleave.

    jwfacts: Yeah, I figured out early on that my wife is not really interested in facts contrary to her beliefs. Though she does surprise me every once in a while. Why just tonight, she said that she wants to feel that birthdays are okay and reason like I do in that what difference does it make now what they did thousands of years ago. "But," she added, "I must wean myself off that kind of thinking." I guess to each his or her own but I really don't understand why she allows herself to be bound like that?

    Cog Dis: Good to hear that you that you are able to do things for yourself when your family falls short. That was all I was trying to say to my wife. Concerning my daughter and my apologizing to my wife, I felt like i was trying to set a good example for her.

    Chalam: Thanks for the scripture reference. I find it so perplexing how the Society can ignore scripture when it does not suit their doctrines but that is certainly not new.

    wasblind: I posted the question to debator that I posed to my wife last night. Who decides what pagan things are okay and what are unacceptable? If it is God as my wife suggests, where is the scripture reference?

    tec: Thanks for believing in me. It is true that the greatest enemy of the Society is their own literature. Have you watch the video Witnesses of Jehovah?

    UC: Good points as always. The witnesses do need to get over themselves concerning their morbid fears of pagan celebrations. If they cannot do that, then they need to be more like the Amish and find themselves a secluded community to live in.

    Ziddina: I remember reading somewhere where the WTS quoted Will Durant out of context to prove that the Trinity teaching is pagan. When you look at his work in context, he essentially says the same thing you say in that the whole Bible is pagan, especially the fourth gospel. If this is true, then I find it most peculiar how the Society takes things out of context to prove their narrow world view on things.

    EOM: One of my coworkers told me that when his first marriage fell apart, his wife started going to pubs right when they were getting divorced. This in spite of the fact that he could never get her to go to a pub while they were married.

    blacksheep: Interesting way to look at it. I think I might try that next time.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite


    If your wife is like many in my family, the real anger is rooted in wanting to celebrate birthdays. There are so few things that families are allowed and no Christmas or other holidays for the children, why can't any of us have one day a year to be special without Watchtower butting in and saying that "God will kill you if you celebrate B-days".

    Pagan. Big deal. Jesus never ate potatoes and the Mosaic Law didn't allow for the eating of taters! Potatoes were the food of pagans. So french fries are pagan and all those dubs downing fries at McD's deserve to die.

    And PANTS! Don't get me started on the pagan history of trousers! All those speakers at the DC wearing pants deserve destruction for not wearing modest Judeo-Christian skirts!

  • Married to the Mob
    Married to the Mob

    Grayneal wrote

    I swear, why do I feel like I have to repeatedly walk on egg shells around witnesses?

    I hear you on this one and also the birthdays. My wife is still a little reluctent on the birthday celebrations but getting better, MIL just constantly harks on about how they are wrong and not allowed by the bible! The MIL seems to forget that I am not a witness and that I have right to celebrate my birthday as much as she chooses not to. But there is a reason for this........

    Unfortunately witnesses are taught to see everything as the WBTS way or no way. Nothing is missed and everything is touched upon by the WBTS with this polarized thinking. Birthdays, education, marriage, life, death so on and so forth with the WBTS telling them what to think, do and say and that this is the only way. Even if you were to show to your wife that this is a form of limited thinking and highly negative and there has to be give and take, she may not be able to recognize it in herself due to the contanst WBTS mantra of "disobey the rules of WBTS = no everlasting life"

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